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Decorating With The Granny Square Afghan

Since the Fall season is upon us with its cool evenings, I thought it the perfect time to pay homage to the afghan. The Granny Square Afghan in particular. I can remember my mother crocheting  one in bright colors on a dark green background. I thought it was so ugly......my how I wish I had it today, what a treasure it would be. 

There was a time when this was the vision you associated Granny Square afghans with. They were stretched out nice and neat on the backs of sofas. I remember hating them!

Then in the 70's we were wearing them.

Who can forget the ponchos.

And packing them around on our shoulders.

One thing about them, it's nice to snuggle up under one for a cold winter read.

Who would have ever thought they would be considered decorative and actually make a lovely accessory for a wide spectrum of interior styles from contemporary to cottage.  Here are some pictures showing how you can decorate with this old familiar face....but with a fresh twist!

Today's Granny Square Afghan is not just something to keep you warm but is an integral part of a rooms decor.

Stitching can be such good therapy and if you know how to crochet you can color coordinate to perfection. Or maybe you know someone who would make one for you.


I have seen them everywhere from home decor stores to antique stores, thrift shops and Ebay.

Today they are not regulated to random colors but are more coordinated with other accessories in the room.

Granny Square Afghans also make great tablecloths, especially with the long tassels like this one. A perfect look for Boho interiors.

These crocheted lovlies are perfect for the Cottage Chic look.

Granny Square Afghans provide just the touch to vintage rooms.

There are many way to use granny squares, even if it is just one big one.

Seems like the ones I use to see were either dark or in primary colors. But today there are so many beautiful colors of yarn available you can come up with some wonderful combinations.

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Granny Square Afghans work well with other patterns like stripes and roses.

source unknown


Mix styles of Granny Square Afghans like these on the sofa back.

Bold colors are still a favorite combination for these afghans and with all  the paint, papers, and other accessories to choose from a room can be well coordinated.

Now you will see everything from chairs to rugs crocheted in granny square style.

Gorgeous pastel colored Granny Square Afghan!

There are several ways to dress up the granny square like the rose pattern.

The daisy pattern.

Pretty Cottage Chic interior. Just drape your afghan instead of folding it.

If you learn to crochet you can customize them to your other accessories for a polished look.

I particularly like the solid cream afghan.....for a French Provence Style interior.

I like the more antique styles with softer colors.

Granny Squares gone wild......great for a Boho look.

The granny square is a popular choice for pillows.

How pretty to create or collect Granny Square afghans and stack in a beautiful armoire.


I like the big squares!

Cozy up in one soon!!

Any new home needs a Granny Square Afghan.What a great wedding gift!

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