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Decorating With Houndstooth

I cringe at calling houndstooth a trend when I actually consider it a classic ......but here we go. Houndstooth has been trending for all of 2013 and the new year looks to see this traditional fabric still making it's presence known. 
If you don't believe me....ask Gaga and Kim.

It is being seen not only on the runway in clothing, jewelry, and footwear, but also in furniture and home accessories. 

The easily recognizable two tone houndstooth pattern, characterized by its four-pointed shapes most often in black and white, and distinctive broken checks originated in the Scottish lowlands and became a menswear classic much like Tartan plaid. Black-and-white houndstooth is traditional, but has now embraced brighter more energetic colors as well.

Today with so many items available in houndstooth, you can get in on this hot trend no matter what your personal style may be.

Menswear inspired fabrics are the latest trend in upholstered furniture, throws, pillows and more. These classic patterns and masculine colors, with clean lines and sophisticated hues, are a welcome addition to interiors.

You will be seeing houndstooth on everything from matting for frames to floorcoverings.

Normally considered masculine, this pattern can be softened by the addition of pretty colors.

via pinterest

The smaller the pattern the more classical in style.

Larger patterns are more modern and trendy.

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I love the mix of the antique chairs and the modern houndstooth print. This size print is probably my favorite.

This traditional pattern doesn't look at all out of place in this modern chic bedroom. People are having fun with houndstooth!

Not sure you want to commit to a houndstooth sofa? Consider accent pillows or throws.

Plaids, checks and houndstooth patterns are always Fall favorites and brown is the perfect choice if you like the Fall color palette.

For those with boldness.....why not paper a wall for a chic contemporary look.

Who would have thought a classic, conservative menswear pattern could energize a whole room. This pillow makes a huge difference in this room.

Remember the smaller the print the more traditional the room will look.

Use a houndstooth stencil pattern to create a customized floorcloth......

source unknown

........or headboard. The possibilities are endless!

Navy and white houndstooth looks great in everything from traditional to nautical style rooms.

Graciela Rutkowski Interiors

Another great way to be a part of the trend without it overwhelming you is to cover your chair backs.

Who says houndstooth has to be masculine? Pillows by Tobi Fairley.

Particularly in trend colors, houndstooth makes a bold and modern statement.

Today's houndstooth fabric features bright colors that really make this bold pattern pop in your home.

Here stately houndstooth is used in fresher, modern way. It all depends on the room and furniture style that accompanies it.

Susan Jay Design

Cutting Edge Stencils

Why not try stenciling houndstooth on a small wall to freshen up a boring room!

Houndstooth pattern looks great in rustic vintage rooms as well.

Woven or printed in neutrals houndstooth works to create sophistication. But in bright colors it easily adapts to fun.

source unknown

If you have never considered using houndstooth before, I hope you will be inspired to give this pattern a chance to "wow" your visitors!!!

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