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Decorate With Industrial Metal Walls

Are you are a fan of Modern Minimalism and Industrial Style? And do you love the subtle luster of metals like steel zinc, copper, and aluminum? If you have answered yes to both questions, then you should definitely consider plating a wall of your interior in metal. An array of metal finishes is available for the interior wall cladding that will turn your walls into decorative metal art.

 Industrial metal walls are being used in living rooms, kitchens, baths, you name it. Shimmering and textural, these metal walls will instantly bring industrial appeal to your home. This look isn't just for lofts and warehouses. In fact, many design enthusiasts who celebrate upscale interiors are incorporating industrial style into their homes through features such as metal walls, metal pipes, and ducts. 

If you are not interested in decorating your entire home in "industrial warehouse", the presence of these metal walls is a feature that will help combine this look with a range of other styles, from organic to the polished high end.

An industrial metal wall can work as a neutral and is great for displaying art against. I also love the way natural light plays off the surface.

Decorative industrial metal walls are a great way to update the kitchen, living room or dining room of a home, adding a raw, unfinished look to even the most polished homes. These metal panels are made of raw steel.

Kelly Wearstler

I am not sure if this is a metal wall or if is paper. Either way it's a great wall and would be an asset to any Industrial Style interior.

Galvanized industrial metal sheets paired with rivets on the wall. Galvanized metal works well with a distressed look.

Industrial metal wall cladding for interiors in 3D by DE CASTELLI 

Tom Ford's London House

Lovely room with industrial metal wall, zinc I believe.

This metal tile application creates an eye-catching industrial metal accent wall with its patchwork of textures, visible welds and exposed rivets.

via pinterest

In this living room blackened, industrial steel panels sheath the fireplace wall.

Cheryl Morgan Designs

Decorative industrial metal applications can be used on walls throughout the home as part of a larger remodeling effort, or as a part of a smaller project like a bathroom. Metal cladding can be fabricated with a variety of finishes such as this galvanized corrugated wall.

Industrial sheet metal clad fireplace wall.

source unknown

Industrial sheet metal walls can be finished with a rusted appearance as well.

The walls are sheathed in industrial sheet metal, and the light fixture is from the 1950s.

Another idea if you are not interested in larger applications like walls and ceilings. Industrial metal is also striking on fireplaces and water fountains.

I am not an expert on metal, especially when viewed in photographs but I think this is zinc.Zinc has a gray appearance in the earlier stages but develops a darkened blue-gray patina as it oxidizes. One of the softer metals, zinc lends itself to a distressed look with routine use. If you don't wan a whole wall covered in industrial metal maybe a door and partition like this would give you the desired look.

All you need to create an illusion of rough surfaces for your walls that suggest an industrial past.

Another example of the reflective qualities of the metal wall.

source unknown

Copper can be used for a warmer look for your walls. Copper has a relative softness makes it slightly more vulnerable to denting and scratching than steel.

You might even like a metal wall of kitchen cabinets. There are many different finishing techniques available from a hammered texture to embossing.These cabinets are hammered metal.

Robert Verdi

If you love the look of industrial metal walls but the budget doesn't allow for them, there are paint techniques and wallpaper that will give your walls the resemblance of metal. These walls are lacquered to give the look of industrial metal walls.

Jessica Lagrange Interiors encased this dining room with silver, gray and gold metallic wallpaper that has the appearance of industrial metal walls.

Many of the wallpapers that look like metal tiles really look quite good.

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