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Decorating With French Crystal Candelabras

I once read that the French say lighting is essential to a room's character. When you have that light intimately sparkling off leaded crystals in a intimate dimly lit space, you have perfection as far as I am concerned. In our addiction to French crystal chandeliers we tend to over look their smaller, yet none the less beautiful, wonderful cousins, the French crystal candelabra. What we call candelabra was originally called girandoles, from French, in turn from Italian girandola. The French designed the first rustic chandeliers in medieval times.The word means "circle of fire". Girandoles came into use about the second half of the 17th century, and were commonly made and used in pairs.They are candlestick holders with multiple arms and our old world French and Italian friends decorated them with glittering crystal accents. 

The timeless beauty of the French crystal candelabra never changes and still today old world charm and glamour run head first into modern interiors. The demand for the French crystal candelabra has increased over the past few years which of course has increased the cost. 

 For elegance with a feel of casual antiquity, look no further than these illuminating fixtures. A bit of advice........ they can become too fussy and lose their appeal if not used with the right furniture and accessories. Again use restraint and make the surrounding as simple and elegant as possible. In other words, let them "stand out" and not compete.

A beautiful French crystal candelabra turns up the glamour and romance in any room. They are the perfect accessory to place wherever a romantic flourish is needed. The romance with crystal candelabras and chandeliers can be all consuming and it is tempting to have too many of them scattered about. This takes away from the look. Use some restraint and remember that all beautiful things looks best in the right place.

The French candelabras are not as intricately carved or designed as English ones. Instead, it is their simplicity that makes them so popular. 

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The glass on crystal candelabras is cut in the style of a prism. This is why the white sunlight that shines on this girandole is split into the colors of a rainbow.

We all know what happens when clear accents are combined with lovely carved details.  A room instantly becomes more opulent with the entrance of a French crystal candelabra.

French bronze and crystal candelabra

Most French crystal candelabras came in a set comprised of either a three-arm or a five-arm center with the addition of two single units flanking the middle one and they were used on center tables, dining tables, or other areas where they could be viewed in their entirety.

Any style of crystal candelabra can be a delightful addition to the powder room, entryway, or in your romantic bedroom or dressing room.

The right kind of French crystal chandelier will go a long way in making your home feel a sense of the richness and old world charm. 

The French crystal candelabra is the perfect accessory for an aged and weathered interior. The look of true antiquity! The play of their light on gilt or marble is enchanting.

There is much to love in this image but focus on those beautiful French crystal candelabras!!

As far as the French crystal candelabra is concerned the coziness of French Rustic decor doesn't have to come at the cost of classical elegance. 

I bought this small crystal candelabra just the other day at a local antique store and it is amazing what it does for my bedroom. Since it is not that large I placed it on a mirrored plateau for added sparkle.

Many only use candles but you can find them electrified as well.

Ideal as a magical and romantic light source on a bedside table. If you like the look of French candelabras, go for the ones that have more spaces between the curved arms.

Many times the French crystal candelabra will sit on a base like this marble one.

Once utilitarian, these wonderful French crystal candelabras have evolved to become elegant interior jewelry. They never really go out of style because they excite us visually.

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Not only is it beautiful to look at, the crystal chandelier has a way of rendering light with curious shadows that captivates us.

Even though they are expensive, you can occasionally come across a deal or two at antique and collectible malls and vintage stores. Also people get rid of beautiful family heirlooms many times at yard sales. I depend on people not knowing what they possess!!

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Just as in the mid-1800’s when most stylish homes would have such lovely crystal candelabras, because of their unique beauty and durability, they are finding their way again into the well-appointed homes of today.

With it's beautiful form, the French crystal candelabras redefines what it means to be rustic.

There is just something about French crystal candelabras as well as chandeliers that look so pretty with distressed furniture and chippy paint.

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 Designed for today, tomorrow, and everyday, a crystal candelabra will look divine in any room. 

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