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Decorating With The Duchess Brisée

Pronounced due SHESS bree ZAY , the Duchess Brisée is a wonderful three piece French chaise lounge consisting of a set of hand carved armchairs or bergéres (one generally smaller than the other) and a bout-de-pied, or foot rest that fit together in a way as to make a single seating unit. 

A form of the Duchess, which was a one piece chaise, the Duchess Brisée (which means broken Duchess) is very versatile in that it can be a seat for one or can be broken apart and used however necessary if company comes and extra seating is needed.

The Duchess Brisée is a beautiful piece of French furniture of a feminized style known as Louis XVI that became extremely popular in 18th and 19th centuries as a seat most often used by women for private reading. It is an enviable piece that will certainly take center stage in your home if you are fortunate enough to acquire one.

Antique Louis XVI Painted Duchesse Brisee Chaise

The Duchess Brisée is a convenient seating arrangement, allowing pieces to easily be moved around a room or adjusted to the sitter's preference. It is also an aesthetically pleasing piece.

The French invented the Duchesse Brisee around 1740 and it was designed in three parts with two gondola type chairs and a footstool between them.This picture and the one below of the same room demonstrate how versatile the Duchess Brisée is.

The Duchesse Brisée was strictly a European chair, not making its way over the Atlantic to America. Although French, a Duchess Brisée can be seen in Coughton Court, a beautiful Tudor house set in 25 acres of landscaped gardens in Alcester, Warwickshire.

The Duchess Brisée broken apart for use as chairs.

The Duchess Brisée was a clever and versatile way to adapt the popular armchair to the art of reclining. The pieces were usually connected with a metal clamp to keep them from separating.

Even though it was created in the 1700's, the the Duchesse brisée made a comeback with the advent of Rococo Revival style in the 1840's.

The Duchess Brisée was often seen in the bedroom. 

An especially pretty gilded Duchess Brisée.

This beautiful cane and wood Duchess Brisée is perfect for those who want to bring the rustic warmth, beauty and history of fine antiques into their homes and interiors.

A Duchesse Brisée tucked into an alcove in Rundale Palace, Latvia.

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The concept for the Duchess Brisée is originally from Egypt with examples of this type lounger found in 1st Dynasty tombs.

The Duchess Brisée can also be a 2 piece lounger consisting of a chair and a one piece combination footboard/footstool.

The arrival of the Duchess Brisée on the domestic scene in post-Renaissance France marked a new relaxation in manners and social behavior.

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A 19th century Duchess Brisée upholstered in tan and white buffalo plaid for a more rustic French Country look.

Very grand 19th century 2 piece French Duchesse Brisee

source unknown

This space is proof that a Duchess Brisée can still be quite chic in more current interiors.

via photographer Fabien Lemaire

You can count on a Duchess Brisée to add instant French flair and elegance to any interior.

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