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Decorating With The Gold And Grey Color Combination

This blog post features the lovely color combination of gold and grey, a wonderful choice if you are considering a freshening up of your interiors. Designing your space around these two colors will keep you on trend in two different ways. First, mixing metals like gold and silver or any other warm and cool metal combination is very trendy at present, and secondly, grey remains a popular neutral on the move that is showing no signs of slowing down. If metallics are not your cup of tea and you don't want to totally commit to grey, you can still be current and not go wrong with the sophisticated combination of gold and grey. Grey can be dramatic and cool while gold is usually associated with glamour and regal interiors. I particularly like the softer side of gold and grey as these hues seem to be more soothing and elegant and the end result does not have to be dramatic and opulent but can be used in a more understated way to deliver a timeless and refined interior.

I hope these images inspire you to consider just how pretty the gold/grey color palette is the next time you decorate.

The gold/grey combination has been a staple of home decor throughout the centuries.

Silver and gold are associated with wealth and the gold/grey combination instantly makes a room look rich and elegant. The grisaille panel is another great way to add grey to your walls.

Nothing warms up a gray wall like an antique gold frame, so why not add a grouping of pictures in antique gilded frames to complete your gold/grey interiors

A gold/grey palette with the addition of a cream Knoll sofa creates a lovely, sophisticated sitting room. Look for a chance to add in something metallic such as the gold tone table in the foreground and you are definitely on trend.

source unknown

The faux painted wall and beautiful French bed give the feeling of old world charm while a mix of lovely gold and grey patterned bed linens shout modern luxury.

Garrow Kedigian

I love the contemporary feel of gray, but often think it is too cold when paired with other cool tones. This is where the warmth of gold works it's magic of bringing a more inviting element into the room.

This room has a delicate feminine look. You can seldom go wrong with the combination of a soft gold and grey room with cream furniture.

If you can't commit to grey or gold walls you can still have the desired look by painting your room in french vanilla tones and adding the grey and gold through accessories, rugs, and fabric. I am loving the animal print chair!! Also the brass and glass table adds a touch of metal madness to this trendy room.

In this transitional living space the stateliness of the classic gray room needs a touch of warmth and luster which is added by the draperies and modern brass side table.

Build your confidence in the gold/grey combination by starting small. A gold lamp here, a grey satin pillow there, and before you know it you are a pro at decorating with this color palette..

Jean-Louis Deniot

In this Paris apartment, the grey walls and doors are trimmed out in gold and create the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated mix of grey furnishings.

This bedroom features my favorite shade of grey......with soft yellow undertones. This makes it perfectly matched for the shimmer of perfectly placed warm honey colored gold.

Barry Dixon

The refinement of grey has a way of elevating a more casual decor. Gold is warm, timeless, and elegant so these two colors work beautifully together. Here the gold has been pulled down from the curtains by tossing a few throw pillows onto the sofa and adding some gold accessories.

Bridget Beari Designs

There are many wallpaper patterns out there in the gold/grey combination that will satisfy all decorating styles. With metallics being so popular at present you can create some gorgeous walls with subtle shimmer and sheen.

I love this pale grey and gold paper because of it's classic look.

Aged gold gilded candlesticks look beautiful against a weathered grey wall.

via Pinterest

In this room grey doesn't overpower or fight with the buttery yellow and gold accents. That is what makes a soft grey such a good neutral to work with.

If you like the gold/grey combination but don't want alot of the shimmer and glam side gold, try a more subtle introduction through prints or textiles.

I love this beautiful chair painted with gold and grey and upholstered in have to admit this color combo is elegant.

A bedroom is a good place to try the gold/grey combination. The grey is masculine while a soft gold is more makes a nice balance. This room has been beautifully layered with textured wallpaper, patterned fabric headboard, and luxurious gold and grey patterned pillows for depth and luster. The dog is optional!

Gold and grey in French Country style by Charles Faudree.

Another great place to try this color palette is in the kitchen where you can paint your cabinets grey and add some gold cabinet hardware and faucets.

Look for ways to use mirrors and crystal in a gold and grey interior. I hope I have convinced you to take a second look at this wonderful color combination!!

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