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Stylish Ways To Incorporate TVs Into Your Interiors

I am currently helping a client that is in the process of restoring a historic home built in 1785. One of their requests is to find ways to keep modern technology from conflicting with the period integrity of this home. We have decided to only use antique pieces with the televisions tucked inside, but there are other lovely ways to solve this common decorating dilemma.

Much to my son's chagrin, I am not one who likes to see technology dominating a room. Luckily for both of us he has a loft on the top floor that is a gamer's dream with his flat screen TVs proudly displayed and enjoyed immensely. I, on the other hand, refuse to let electronics take over the design of my interiors and am devoted to hiding, concealing, camouflaging or stylishly integrating our TVs into our decor. I am presently on the hunt for an antique easel to display a TV on in my French style bedroom.

In this post I hope you will find inspirational decorating ideas on how to incorporate the television into your existing decorating scheme in a unique, sleek and stylish way.

I can remember when my parents bought their "console TV" a bulky piece that was their attempt to make the TV more appealing in their interiors. Now I like to incorporate TVs into pieces of unique antique furniture (not entertainment centers) and closing the doors when not in use. It's my favorite way to hide them.

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If you appreciate quality TV and also love art why should you have to choose? I don't think I've ever seen a TV that looks great in a room so why not tuck it away behind something you enjoy such as an antique tapestry, quilt, or masterpiece.

Or a screen will do nicely!

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This TV is inside the wall behind an automated painting. The painting is lifted up and down by a remotely controlled  actuator. Push a button and the painting is lifted up by the actuator and the TV is revealed. Push it again and the TV disappears behind the painting and you'd never know it was there! The same thing can be done with mirrors.

Big black flat screens aren't the most attractive of objects so while they wish to incorporate them into their interiors many home owners wish to conceal them while not in use. Sliding barn doors are a popular trend at present so what better way to conceal a flat screen TV than behind carriage style sliding doors. They will enhance your interiors with a rustic elegance.

Every household has at least one obstacle and how to incorporate the flat screen TV in a stylish and unique way is top of the list. There is alot you can do with salvage elements so consider using old doors or shutters to conceal your TV. It will create a perfect vintage or rustic look.

Just mounting a flat screen TV to your wall has become a bit passé, especially in some upscale dwellings. People look for ways to artfully incorporate TVs so they can have their cake and eat it too.

Pictures mounted so that they swing open on side hinges to reveal the screen behind it is a wonderful way to incorporate your TV into your decor. Make sure you remember to recess the TV so that the artwork can be mounted on the wall surface.

With the addition of hinged artwork to conceal it, your television becomes a minor player in the room.

TVs are problematic to decorating. We enjoy them but even so, sometimes we just want them out of sight. Old cupboard doors can be mounted to cover your screen as a way to incorporate your TV into a room that has been decorated in a vintage style. These look like the pierced tin doors of an old pie safe.

TVs are being tucked into fireplaces and concealed with screens or mirrors.

Julia Blailock

Many want to incorporate a TV into their more formal spaces. Here the right cupboard doors mounted over the fireplace to hide the screen only enhances and already elegant living room.

For more modern interiors try building a feature wall with sliding panels. This will help you incorporate a TV into your space so that it totally disappears and becomes an accent wall when not in use.

I love the white sliding wall space. This is truly a lovely way to hide your TV.

There are many ways to customize your interiors so that a TV can be incorporated with ease and style. This has been built so that the TV just slides back into the wall when not in use and leaves you with a lovely window seat instead.

Crisp Architects

Also at the touch of a button your big screen television will disappear from sight into a beautiful system of furniture or in this case counter top.

If you don't want to hide your TV but would like it to work better with your decor style, consider putting small collections of artwork, paintings, and photographs in gallery style around your TV. The eye is drawn to the grouping of items and not just a lone black screen. Much more appealing!

You can also keep the look consistent with picture frames in black, the same color as the TV.

See how the collection of objects draw the eye away from the screen. It's a great way to incorporate your TV into your decorating style whether vintage.....

......or more modern. Whichever your design preference, the trick is to get the television to compliment the space. Remember to vary the sizes of artwork for a more interesting visual display.

Your television can blend or it can be the focal point. I prefer blending but I can understand that they are costly and many people like to use them as focal points so people can see them. If this is your choice just please see that your room is decorated well. Nothing looks worse than a big ole TV and no form of cohesive decor in the room. You might have a big TV but you won't be impressing anybody.

There are plenty of personal details in this room which prevent the large TV from taking over the design. The size of the artwork on the left wall balances the room so that the TV wall doesn't overwhelm. many people are proud of that high definition flat screen TV, however it doesn't have to be the centerpiece of the living room.

If you are one that would like to incorporate your a television into your room but wish it to blend, consider built in shelves to give character to the space. You can store your collectibles thus adding personality to a room and minimizing your TV's presence. Also dark walls (especially black) make your TV blend almost to the point of disappearing.

Lucy Interior Design

Black wallpaper will also minimize the look of your TV.

If you do your homework you will see that there are ways to incorporate a modern flat screen TV into your interiors and still make the rest of your room look beautiful and stylish.

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