Thursday, April 26, 2012

Decorating Your Bedroom........Boudoir Style

For most men the primary attraction in the bedroom is the person they are with. They really don’t notice the room. So many bedrooms are bland with white walls and few romantic accessories, no wonder they don't notice. When asked,“What color is your bedroom?” they usually have to ask the wife. So if you are a woman and you want a gorgeous bedroom, then you should have a one, and make it so beautiful that your man will feel like he's stepped into a fantasy.  Men like to complain about canopy beds, but they secretly like them. A lot of men squirm at the idea, but a canopy bed shouldn’t threaten a man who is secure in himself. European men don’t mind them, but American men like being macho, a characteristic instilled in them by their football-playing fathers. They always want masculine bedrooms.  Ugh, that’s not very sexy. One of those will NEVER be found in my house. Besides my man, while enjoying sports, is more European in his thinking. Thank God! The bedroom should be an escape from the humdrum into fantasy and romance.  All bedrooms should have that French boudoir ambiance.

 The right bedroom will make you look more beautiful,soft, and huggable. So what colors work best? Blondes look great against lavender or blue, and brunettes look wonderful surrounded by peach, pink, or lavender. Yellow is a terrible color for a bedroom—it makes your skin look sallow. Green isn’t the best either, unless you have rosy cheeks.

Now go out there and add some romantic elements to your bedroom. Everything seen in these pictures can be done, even on a smaller scale. So grab some fabric for draping your four posters, pretty linens, flowers and romantic dressers and chairs and get those bedrooms fit for a Queen!  Trust me, the King will like it!!

You may not wake up to something this beautiful every morning, however you can and should turn your bedroom into an idyllic setting for amour!

This and the next two pictures are some of my own work.

The desk has been custom painted  for the room.

These three pictures are from a bedroom recently designed and completely furnished and accessorized by Lisa Farmer Designs. Feminine, but a man could be comfortable here too.

Pretty linens,tufted headboard, and crystal chandeliers make this bedroom a romantic retreat. 

Such a pretty mix of romantic fabrics.

Canopies are such romantic additions to the bedroom!

       Ooh La La!

                Think French, they know all about the boudoir. Beautiful accessories are a must!

One of my favorite bedrooms.


More fabulous elements that speak of romance!

Soft and dreamy!

Beautiful bed linens are a necessity for bringing the romantic ambiance to the bedroom.

A fabulous bedroom! This is an easy one to replicate and would look great even if you don't have the beautiful architecture.

The beautiful wall treatment, comfortable furnishings and the painted table make this bedroom a perfect romantic retreat.

It doesn't matter what your style is, just make it dreamy and feminine.

Hands down, this has to be the ultimate romantic bedroom!

Remember a little of this....

will get you an abundance of this!



Saturday, April 21, 2012

Decorate Your Home With Pretty Vintage Linens

Nothing says charming quite like vintage linens.  Displayed in a beautiful  piece of furniture like an armoire or in large vintage baskets or trunks, your room will immediately have a charming French chic ambiance!
Let these fabulous treasures of the past become a part of your interior design.

Everybody loves vintage quilts

 Lovely colorful vintage linens. 

White linen covering on a table in an old farmhouse in France.

Wonderful in baskets or old wooden boxes!

Now go to the antique stores and flea markets and find something pretty to display them in! Or if vintage is not your thing, buy any pretty armoire. Just open the doors and show your beautiful linens!

This would be a beautiful display cabinet for your linens.

Pretty colorful linens.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Architectural Elements Add Old World Charm To Your Home Decor

A great way to bring sophisticated charm to your interiors is through the use of architectural elements.

Some people only think of crown moldings and wainscoting, however there are many beautiful and unusual alternatives. They bring unique beauty to your interiors and exterior entertainment areas. I love to look for them at salvage places, antique stores, and flea and collectible markets. Depending on where you search, you can sometimes get lucky and find a great bargain!!

Below are some fabulous looks using vintage elements.

Columns are a very popular salvage element and are quite easy to find.

Add an element over your bed for instant elegance!

An absolutely gorgeous element behind this bed.

Old window make a wonderful backdrop for this outside entertainment area!

Use a mantle outside!

I love old shutters as backgrounds inside and out!


Vintage doors can be used in a number of ways.

Great idea above this shower.
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