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Decorate With Furniture Trimmed In Bullion Fringe

Bullion fringe is one type of passementerie that is making a huge comeback in the decorating world. Passementerie is the French term for the ribbons, trims, and tassels that are the icing on the cake of great interiors. Although it had not entirely disappeared, we have not seen it used as much in the last twenty years. It was prevalent in the 80's but like so many lovely design elements it reached it's saturation point as people tasseled and fringed everything in sight.

Now with the return to more elegant home interiors you will be seeing bullion fringes, tassels, tapes and braids as passementerie is once again being embraced by contemporary designers who are ushering in the "more is more" look. But, having learned from past mistakes, these designers preach the much needed message that trim when used in moderation and in smart and stylish ways becomes very appealing.

This blog post features the use of bouillon fringe on soft furnishings such as sofas, chairs, and ottomans. You will see images of old world interiors as well as more modern traditional spaces where designers have used bullion fringe in wonderful ways to add decorative interest and create some very pretty interiors. Decorative trim like bullion fringe is something that can make a piece very elegant or very tacky, depending on how much you use, so be smart and keep it chic. If you do you will certainly enjoy the fringe benefits. Sorry I just had to say it!!

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It's good to see an old friend forgiven and allowed back into the decorating fold. Yes, in the 80's there was an over saturation of passementerie. I can remember trying to talk clients out of hanging tassels on door knobs, mirrors, you name it....... people wanted to hang a tassel from it. Plus many people took a lovely look, when done correctly, and made it more "granny" in style. Before you knew it people hated trims, tape, tassels and bullion fringe.

The petit salon of Joy de Rohan-Chabot's chateau

I love the way the bullion fringe really brings attention to this sofa's wonderful curves. Bullion fringe was one of the most popular embellishments of the ornate Victorian aesthetic. At one time fringe, braids, tassels, tapes, and rosettes were indicators of wealth and luxury. That's why Victorian interiors literally dripped with passementerie.

Howard Slatkin

Those of us who love old world interiors never gave passementerie up completely. However, we made sure it was done in moderation and elegantly. A bit here, a bit there, and then some restraint....please!!

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Bullion fringe is chic when use on a sofa, chair, or loveseat. It compliments the furnishings and adds a customized finish. Just make sure you don't go overboard with too much of a good thing.

If you love a traditional English or French interior, a bit of bullion fringe is just the ticket. Also contrast piping gives furniture a more tailored outline.

Alidad via

Gorgeous space and the bullion fringe skirting at the bottom of the sofa adds the extra glamour.

Here, in the library of England's Althorp House, contrast bullion fringe trims traditional chintz covered sofas. This look is once again popular considering the much anticipated re-entry of chintz into the design world.

For those of you who prefer neutral interiors, tone-on-tone use of bullion fringe can lend sophistication to a room and make piece of furniture quite the focal point.

This image shows how bullion fringe can look modern and fresh even in a traditional French interior.

Fringe originated as a way of preventing a cut piece of fabric from unraveling when a hemming was not used. Bullion fringe, which has a twisted texture, and it is generally 3 to 9 inches in length, has been around since the 17th century.

Chelsea Interior Designers

Bullion fringe goes a long way in adding a sumptuous touch to soft furnishings. It works well in Chinoiserie interiors also.

I love the way bullion fringe is flirty and adds fun and style to a piece.

Photo: Robert Brantley / Design: Lee Bierly and Chris Drake

Bullion fringe skirt definitely sets off this great plump and comfy sofa.

Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair, sofa skirt bullion fringe

It is wonderful to see young designers starting to appreciate bullion fringe as well as other embellishments instead of finding them old fashioned.
Mark D. Sikes

Bullion fringe is perfect for those homeowners that want a clean contemporary look, yet with a bit of texture and detail.

Add the "glam" with some bullion fringe on velvet sofas...... especially in a color like this!

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Alexa Hampton Kips Bay Show house 2014.

For a striking and dramatic look try using bullion fringe in contrasting colors on sofas and chairs.

Designer Shelley Johnstone

Using a lovely bullion fringe on any size sofa will instantly elevate the project. I like the way a longer fringe has been used on a smaller cozy corner's unexpected and that is what gives it interest.

Bullion fringe is a perfect way to help in the marriage of a traditional and modern mix. It has a way of pulling the two together.

Bullion fringe used in unexpected and chic ways can be very appealing. Today you can find linen, wool, cotton, and even hemp fringes that give furnishing a less formal look.

There are many other fringes to choose from if you want things more dressy.

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Plus a great fringe adds formality to your sofa or chair and pumps up the excitement of the whole interior space.

Lilly Bunn

Chairs are the second most popular furniture to embellish with bullion fringe.

With spring just around the corner why not freshen up your soft furnishing with a DIY project that is easy and only involves a few yards of bullion fringe and whatever you decide to attach it with. There are several blogs on line to tell you how!

Using bullion fringes as well as other types of passementerie will allow you to add your own personality to your custom pieces. Today there are so many choices and you are only limited by your imagination.

A touch of elegance is provided in this soft pastel interior by the addition of coordinating bullion fringe on the chair.

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Adding bullion fringe beautifully dresses up a piece of soft furniture that is upholstered in plain fabric.

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Bullion fringe has always been at home in old world interiors.

As more classic and decorative styles are re-emerging in today's home,  fringe, as well as other forms of passementerie, has once again found favor in the hearts of the decorating public.

Photo - AD Italia

Embellishing with bullion fringe is a great way to customize a design project. Look what flair it has given to this yellow chair.

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Define soft furnishing with some thick natural fiber bullion fringe.....

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or try something more opulent.

There is now a big demand for skirt and tassel fringes and you have an endless choices of trims.

If you just want a small whisper of the latest bullion fringe trend, there is always the footstool and ottoman. Plus this will be an easy project for creative people.

Barlow & Barlow Design Firm is one of the young designers embracing the use of passementerie.

Amy Berry via

Adding some fringe to your ottoman will instantly transform it from functional to fabulous.

Patricia McLean Interiors contribution to the Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House features an ottoman with bullion fringe.

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Fringe enhanced ottoman in the  salon at L'Ermitage de Pompadour, a former home of Charles, Vicomte de Noailles, and his wife, Marie-Laure, in Fontainebleau, France.

One of my favorite things about fringe is how it creates movement for any pieces you add it to from sofas to benches.

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Remember you can spruce up decorative pillows with the use of bullion fringe.

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Designer Anthony Browne

Don't forget you can also use bullion fringe on table skirts and window treatments. Fringe on windows,  furniture, and skirts is way too much for today's interior. If you want it on windows refrain from adding it to your seating. This space has the right amount.

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Ballard Designs

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