Friday, November 30, 2012

Decorating With Purple.......It's A Majestic Color

 Purple is a rich color steeped in history with strong connections to the powerful. Once considered for royalty only, purple is now a color enjoyed by everyone. Purple is majestic and it gives individuals a sense of accomplishment and power when in the same presence with it. In ancient times, the dye was extracted from mollusks and therefore insanely expensive. This is why the color was a favorite of many kings and queens and was a dominate color in the decor of their courts.

The Purple palette can range from the dark shades of royal, eggplant, grape, plum, to the softer, lighter shades of  lavender and lilac. The deep versions of the color still signal luxury, while softer ones are soothing. Whatever shade you prefer, the color is gorgeous in your home and decor. 

People often ask about “hot” colors and wonder if purple is a hot color now. I think purple (and the various shades of purple, like lavender & plum) are always hot! If you like those colors, there’s a shade out there for you to use in your royal residence.

So here's to purple!

This picture and the one below is proof that purple is also very versatile. It can be flamboyant  and dramatic as well as understated and natural.

Purple can be an accent or can stand on its own and command a presence.

The deepest purples, like aubergines and brooding blue-tinted shades, imply grandeur and strike a serious, formal note.
If you decide to look for the perfect color purple or plum for your walls I always suggest you start with an inspiration for the room (art piece, rug, fabric, comforter, etc.) and pull your colors from there (vs. selecting 
paint first).

“Jeune Femme en Tenue de Soirée Assise près d’un Bouquet D’hortensias” by Jules Louis Machard

Historically, purple has been long associated with mystery, wealth, and wisdom by royalty and those in higher power.

However, the lighter shades are so soft and feminine.

Purple and gold have always been a royal combination.

Lilac or lavender is a wonderful color to use with a French Country look. The following images are also perfect examples.

Be it classic.....

Bedroom by Jamie Drake

or more contemporary, purple fits right in.

Gingham, large or small,  is perfect for a country interior.

When used as an accent, purple can add an interesting pop to an otherwise neutral room.

When done in a lighter value it can read as a neutral.

Set your table with purple and be the envy of your guests. It's a lovely color to use for Christmas entertaining.

You can certainly have fun with this color.

This is s pretty color combination and those walls.....very interesting!

The darker shades of purple are best used boldly, with commitment. Advises Elizabeth Bauer, New York City interior designer and purple advocate: “To make them work, do something major, like all four walls or a set of built-ins.”

Who wouldn't want an invitation to this party!

Don't forget this color is also beautiful when used outdoors!

Hope you were inspired to give purple a try!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Decorate With Silver For Stunning Interiors..........Especially At Christmas

This is last in a series of  posts dedicated to decorating with colors that are especially beautiful  at Christmas. And it doesn't get any prettier that SILVER. There are two kinds of silver. One is icy cool while the other is more burnished, almost nickel in appearance. It's my favorite and what I call warm silver.  Nothing brings sparkle and shine to a room quite like silver. And being a southern girl, I do love sterling silver and actually enjoy polishing and using my antique pieces for entertaining. Decorating with silver is great for creating stylish and impressive rooms that when done right, can look very expensive. The use of mirrors can give a room a silver glow also, so don't forget that this is an alternative to painting. I would suggest  mercury glass mirrors for wall space as it tends to have more of a timeless Old World appeal. Whether you paint, paper, upholstery, or accessorize with it, you will love the glow of silver in your interiors.

Enjoy and take in the sparkle and glow.

Martin P. Mitchell, Designer

This is a beautiful room with its layers of silver from the stripped silver wallpaper to the shimmering reptilian fabric on the chairs. Add in the metallic draperies and what could possibly be a burnished ceiling ( hard to tell from this pic) and this room GLOWS.

These lovely silvered accessories will make Christmas shine in any room.

Glamorous bathroom. I love the silvered woodwork. 

Designs by Pattie

Heart be still!! Look at all those goodies!!

A stunning silver ornament chandelier. This would be amazing over a holiday table.

This is a very pretty wall treatment and casts a soft, almost mother of pearl like glow.

Silver Christmas  decorations are so rich and luxurious.

Pretty as is or add your own "pop" of color.

Fabulous walls! And the chandeliers are amazing.

The smoky mirrored panels and crystal sconce add warm glow and sparkle to this powder room.

There are so many wonderful metallic wallpapers to choose from. This room really works. The mirrored table, the silver velvet chairs and that paper!!!

For a do it yourself project try painting a piece of furniture silver. Just make sure you purchase a good silver paint....not the spray can variety!!

This is something else you could try yourself. Silver leaf some gorgeous chairs and cover in a metallic fabric or even leather.

A pretty metallic ceiling treatment and what looks like silvery grey velvet on the wall behind the bed makes this room so stylish.

I can't believe the old silver trees of my youth would ever make a comeback, but aluminum trees are everywhere again.

This lavender and silver bedroom is so pretty. Don't be afraid to mix patterns, just be smart about it!

Monochromatic silver room with a pop of color....stunning!

A fun silver Christmas tree.

Shinny and shimmering metallic leather will always bring a luxe look to an interior.

The sheet music is a great idea for a pretty holiday placemat. Add the silver charger and your friends will be impressed.

Silvery sheer fabric bed hangings make for a dreamy boudoir. (Check out the gold and silver wallpaper in the background.)

Old rhinestone earrings.......clever ornaments for a small silver themed Christmas tree.

Another wonderful silver wallpaper.

Silvery grey wall treatment and mirrors for a Hollywood Regency look.

Glamour at it's best. Diamond tufted silver headboard.

These are great colors to use with silver. Love the phone!!!

And if you are really into silver........why not take it on the road!
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