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Decorating With The Sputnik Chandelier

This was the sound that fascinated the world in 1957.

Sputnik 1 was the first artificial Earth satellite. It was a 58 cm diameter polished metal sphere, with four external radio antennas to broadcast radio pulses. The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical low Earth orbit on 4 October 1957.The satellite traveled at about 29,000 kilometers per hour,taking 96.2 minutes to complete each orbit. It's transmissions were monitored by amateur radio operators throughout the world.The signals continued for 21 days until the transmitter batteries ran out on 26 October 1957. Sputnik 1 burned up on 4 January 1958,as it fell from orbit upon reentering Earth's atmosphere, after travelling about 70 million km (43.5 million miles) and spending 3 months in orbit. 

The sputnik chandelier is certainly one of the most enduring elements of what became known as the Atomic Age of Design. It's no wonder that even today, once we catch a glimpse of this icon of mid-century style, we are immediately mesmerized. The sputnik chandelier is the perfect mix of form and function and it's radiating, star burst-like elements is the perfect addition to any interior. A good chandelier can completely transform a room and the Sputnik chandelier is a real statement piece that will make your space feel truly out of this world.

If you are looking for something more unique than traditional lighting, something that will definitely make a statement why not consider a Sputnik chandelier. This iconic chandelier started trending in 2014 and they are on their way to becoming a modern classic. The Sputnik is an equally wonderful choice for the foyer in traditional homes.........

..........or more edgier and modern entrances. This is the bold entry hall in the home of designer Christian Lyon, creative director for Japanese furniture brand Matsuoka. When you have a large space, you might want to add several different sized Sputnik chandeliers for interest.

This Mid-Century Modern favorite know as the Sputnik Chandelier is usually credited in concept to Gino Sarfatti. It is interesting that his background was in engineering, not design.

Sputnik chandeliers add the perfect retro-modern style to trendy spaces.

I think Sputnik lighting fixtures are gorgeous in more classical interiors. They are like edgy crystal chandeliers.

This chandelier came to prominence in what became known as the Atomic Age of Design and it's explosive presence makes a huge statement in any interior.

Brass is back in a big way as seen here in the wonderful interior by Jonathan Adler. And the brass Sputnik chandelier certainly adds to this trendy look.

A Sputnik chandelier adds so much energy to a room. It supplies a statement sculptural element without being overpowering.

It is easy to update your space with this design classic and evoke the "wow" response from your visitors.

via pinterest

Sputnik chandeliers are available in chrome, satin/brushed brass, raw brass and rubbed bronze. The standard number of lights is 18, 36, and 48.

Kelly Wearstler

An eye catching Sputnik chandelier is sure to be the topic of conversation and is right at home in a variety of interiors. They look stunning over a round table, just make sure the size of the chandelier suits the table.

It is easy to get inspired with these unique fixtures because they add so much personality to a space. This Sputnik chandelier works so well with this Mid-century table and ghost chairs. Put you Sputnik where it will reflect in a mirror for double the effect.

Another great Jonathan Adler room featuring a Sputnik chandelier. Notice how the 3D wall and the top of the round table echo the orbit effect.

Sputnik lighting certainly fuels the fascination for all things interstellar. The shape of this chandelier is my favorite and the style I am considering for the office here in my 100 + year old home. My home is classical in design but I think the Sputnik would be right a home mixed in with antiques and crystal chandeliers.

As you can see there are many styles of Sputnik chandeliers to choose from. This lighting brings retro appeal to contemporary designed interiors.

Source unknown.......not sure what the logo stands for.

Many of today's Sputnik chandeliers take a twist on the classic style. These would definitely give your living room bling!

Sputnik chandeliers have a way of invoking a bygone era, while looking respectably contemporary in a modern setting.

A Sputnik chandelier can be both fun and formal and even though it is connected with the past it can be the perfect accent piece for the modern day interiors.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Decorate With Fern Decor For Trendy Interiors

Do you have a touch of Pteridomania? Pterido is the Latin for ferns and mania.....well you get the picture. Pteridomania (just drop the p and it sounds just like it spells) or Fern-Fever began at the 1862 International Exhibition and remained popular "as a fond symbol of pleasurable pursuits" until the turn of the century.Victorian decorative arts exhibited the fern motif on everything from pottery, textiles, glass, and of course botanical prints and wallpaper. 

The current fern madness has triggered a design trend much like it did for the Victorians and once again fern decor is hot and in demand. This time of year we get anxious for Spring greens so why not bring a touch of nature indoors in the way of fern decor. Whether you put them on your walls or under your feet the fern trend is a great way to freshen up your home without breaking the decorating budget.

The fern motif trend was huge in Victorian times. Ferns appeared in a wide variety of decorative arts, including fashion.

Victorian parlors just weren't on trend if they didn't display the fern motif.
Some homeowners went as far as having opulent orangeries built onto prestigious houses and stocked with a variety of fern. Others simply did it in the form of ornamental miniature glass cases that allowed their owners to have a fashionable parlor and join in on "Pteridomania".

Whether you choose to saturate your bedroom with fern inspired wallpaper........

Charlotte Moss Linens

or maybe add a more subtle elegant touch of fern like on these pillowcases.......

you will be riding the botanical trend in home decor this season. Ferns are popping up everywhere and just in time for Spring.

Todays fern inspired fabric is not relegated to the rattan outdoor furniture of the past. Instead we mix this pattern with the linens and velvets, polished metals, warm woods and cool marbles of our interiors.

If you are not blessed with "green thumbs," fern decor is the perfect way to bring the outside in without the hassle. There are plenty of ways to decorate with the fern motif........ botanical prints, wonderful upholstery fabric, and of course wallcoverings.

Who wouldn't love this fern covered chair. So fresh, clean and crisp.

Another gorgeous wild flower and fern inspired upholstery fabric

Nature is still a hot trend and this homeowner has chosen a pretty fern and flora pattern for window treatments. Insect decor is also popular so the dragonfly pillow and fern botanical print are great additions.

The softness of the wall color and the delicacy of the fern botanicals set the stage for a lovely room.

Try creating a great accent wall with a fern print wallpaper.

There are quite a few wallpaper patterns on the market today to choose from.

Hang similar fern prints en masse for an interesting and eye-catching display.

Or go for one bolder print and hang it as a focal point. This image shows how a modern fern print can work well in a more traditional interior. This print would look great in a contemporary room as well.

There are plently of fern inspired botanicals to purchase or find a tutorial on line and make some of your own.

via pinterest

I love this quilted, fern inspired bed covering.

via pinterest

Pillows are one of the best ways to try out a new trend. This fern inspired one is really lovely and a 
great way to bring natural elements indoors

A wide range of colors and designs make fern wallpaper a good choice for practically any decorating style.

The bold  fern-frond print  fabric is effective in this eclectic style room.

Laid over your carpet or wooden floors a fern rug like this will brighten up your space.

The delicate, lace-like design of ferns makes them appealing for feminine styles such as Victorian or shabby chic. You can find stencils that make it easy to create a fern-frond border around the room or an all-over repeating pattern for an accent wall.

Freshen up a tired chest of drawers with a coat of paint and some lovely free hand or stenciled ferns.
Try adding interest to the inside of a painted cabinet for another pretty fern inspired look.

I especially like the painted fern and insect motifs on a dark background.

And remember you can always pot a real fern in a beautiful container and bring it inside!

 This is a Lemon Button fern. It produces golden-green fronds with rounded edges (that give it the buttonlike appearance). It's an easy-to-grow fern that fits in well with a lot of decorating styles. There are so many pretty ferns. Watch out, Pteridomania is contagious!

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

Friday, March 20, 2015

Decorating With Curved Sofas

The sofa sets the tone for a room’s design direction so most designers agree that the first piece you should buy for a room is the sofa. Most rooms are square or rectangle, and in them you will usually find some style of straight sofa. Why not add interest and excite the eye by adding a fabulous curved sofa to the room. A curved sofa can add a bit of extra glamour to your room and change its look entirely. Not to mention it will create a relaxed atmosphere that makes it much more comfortable for conversation because the curve allows you to face each other easier. 

Whether your style is Park Avenue, Hollywood Regency, or French Country, curved sofas have increased in popularity over recent years as many people are trending back to a more elegant and chic way of decorating their homes. More and more we are seeing seductive, fluid lines and the curved sofa is a piece of furniture that easily becomes the center of attention in a room.

This post is about the curved sofa, not the sectional serpentine sofa. That post will follow shortly. Enjoy!

Mario Buatta

A curved sofa stands the test of time and always looks fabulous in a classically design space. The skirted style of this sofa and the floral chintz bring a more relaxed atmosphere to this formal living room.

I don't know the name of this curved sofa but it looks like it would fit perfectly in a Hollywood Regency room.

To make the most of a corner, a curved sofa is the best option as it softens the angular space and makes a room cozy and inviting.The color of the walls should complement the sofa and don't forget to decorate behind it. Nothing more boring that a sofa just shoved in a corner.

Curved walls are not exactly standard features in most homes but if you are fortunate enough, the curved area or window alcove makes a divine location for a curved sofa.

Dries Van Noten

It is easy to encourage conversation by furnishing a room with a curved sofa. The fringed skirt gives this sofa a casual elegance.

When using a curved sofa, try repeating the sofa's shape with other curved furniture and accessories to keep the look harmonious.

The soft look of a curved sofa or loveseat makes it a perfect addition for the bedroom.

This designer has opted for two curved loveseats instead of the traditional sofa and chairs.

Reminiscent of the glamorous styles of the 1950’s and 60’s, this sofa provides a sensuous, curving silhouette. 

David Howell Design / Photography by Peter Margonelli

Most furniture designers put function over form, but why not have both? The curved sofa many times can become an artistic piece of furniture.

What an intimate conversation area these curved sofas create. The curved walls add to the beauty and charm of this space.

I like curved sofas in square rooms." — Vicente Wolf. I agree! Your room does not have to have round walls for a curved sofa to stand out.

via pinterest

You can also place the sofa so it is centered in front of a window alcove. Leaving a few inches between the sofa back and the wall or window makes it look less cramped.

Mid-century Modern style continues to be popular and a curved sofa works well with the lines of a Noguchi  coffee table and the circular artwork.

Contemporary living room with curved sofa by Karlene Hunter Baum, Allied ASID

Many curved sofas won't fit against a wall, so the makers suggest they can fill a corner or even sit dramatically in the middle of a room. I prefer to see the space behind them decorated with a curved sofa table and vignette, planter, or a floor lamp.

A curved sofa like this one in a Paris apartment is the perfect example of why these sofas shine as the star attraction when used in the middle of the floor. They beg to be the center of attention.

via pinterest

Another dramatic curved sofa begging to be put in the spotlight.

via pinterest

Now furniture manufacturers are adding curves to their designs for a more feminine look. Curved sofas are the perfect fit for this trend.  Adding square or rectangular cushions to a curved sofa complements a room hat has lots of straight lines and angles.

Steven Cordrey Interior Design

Your curved leather sofa is sure to be the focal point of any room.

Laura Santos Manhattan townhouse via Architectural Digest

This curved sofa has modern aesthetic with retro style that makes it perfect for the Mid-century Modern living room.The 60's sofas were slightly more fluid with beautiful sweeping curves.

Source unknown Would love to credit the creator of this great room. If anyone has info please let me know.

A curved sofa adds variety to a room dominated by straight lines, squares and rectangles.

source unknown

via pinterest

Rupert Bevan

A tufted velvet sofa with romantic, seductive curves. The sofa's curved back makes an attractive element for dividing living spaces.

Those of you who follow me know that I love classical decor so naturally I am going to share this fabulous, curved, French Directoire Sofa.

John Oetgen

What a wonderful focal point!  I love the contemporary vibe of this room coupled with the antique French style frame of this great curved sofa.

This curved sofa has true classical appeal.

A curved sofa like this modern style is meant to "float" in a room, not hug the walls.

Arrange your curved sofa along with other seats in a circular grouping to take advantage of the curve and to also create a comfortable sitting and conversation area where everyone faces each other.

The curved velvet sofa is perfect for this modern traditional space.

Maybe a tufted, curved loveseat is all you need to add a touch of glamour to your room. The mirrored side table and fur rug complete the look.

If you are in the market for a new sofa, consider a curved one. The timing is perfect, there are many styles to choose from.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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