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Cozy Attic Bedrooms

When you search on line for images of attic bedrooms you will usually find plain rooms that have fallen into the hands of contractors and had the interesting design elements dry walled over so that the room looks pretty much like any other bedroom in the house. Yes you will have extra space that way but not the wonderful sense of coziness one dreams of when thinking about relaxing in the rustic charm of a quaint attic bedroom.

There is something magical and mysterious about a bedroom secreted away among the quirky angles  and architectural elements of an attic. I find the slanted ceilings, dormers, exposed beams and occasionally a portion of a brick chimney incredibly irresistible. Add in the privacy, the sense of warmth and intimacy, not to mention the sound of raindrops on the roof on a stormy night, and you have one of the most coveted sleeping quarters you could possibly find.

This post puts the spotlight on quaint and cozy attic bedrooms that are stylish and comfortable yet charming in an old world way. I hope you enjoy the images I have gathered to help you turn your attic into a great bedroom that makes it just as fun waking up as it is snuggling down for a good nights sleep.

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If you want that wonderful quaint charm in your attic bedroom, learn how to use the interesting contours usually associated with these special places to your advantage. All it takes is a little inspiration. Whatever you do don't let anyone talk you into drywalling over these quaint spaces. It will only take away degrees of charm. 


To achieve a cozy attic bedroom you must embrace the angled, sloped, and slanted ceilings and walls. Another way to bring on the warmth for these attic bedrooms is to wallpaper them. The first five images show you how pretty this effect can be.

There can be some quirky architectural elements in attic spaces such as low and sloped ceiling, dormer windows, eaves, funny nooks and crannies. This image shows you just how important these charming elements are to the success of a quaint and cozy attic bedroom. Remember that you don't have to use a traditional bed in your space. A french daybed like this makes the space chic as well as cozy.

A bedroom in the attic just makes sense. They provide a sense of coziness that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

I love tall ceilings, the taller the better. Mine are 12 foot and the house we looked at recently had 15 foot ceilings. However, if you are going for quaint and cozy, the attic bedroom is a place where low ceilings really work in your favor.

Remember just because a space is small doesn't mean you can't make it splendid. This lovely attic bedroom is proof. Still very cozy, this small room seems grander because they have been bold and given the bed a canopy feel.

What a delightfully quaint attic bedroom this is. It is actually more like a suite yet still maintains it's cozy, picturesque quality. Being totally saturated in like wallpaper and fabric is what gives this room a "snug as a bug" feeling.

I love this cozy and quaint attic bedroom because of the wallpapered ceiling that is seen above the hewn beams. What a beautiful French cane bed in this half-timbered romantic hideaway!

This is one of my favorite looks when it come to rustic charm and the quaint attic bedroom is the perfect place to utilize this technique. Hooray for you if you are fortunate enough to have great beams.......if not there are options for installing some of your very own. Some of the faux beams look incredible.


The next set of images features attic bedrooms that owe their quaintness to original features of the attic such as exposed beams or rafters. This cozy space has a rustic appeal because of all the natural wood overhead.

These chunky exposed beams, create a very solid, safe and cozy feel in this quaint attic bedroom.

Another lovely option for your quaint and cozy attic bedroom is to paint or whitewash the beams. Such a pretty space!

A restful and charming attic bedroom can add livable square footage to your home while transforming storage space into the perfect guest bedroom. If you like rustic, let your rafters show!!!!

Quaint attic bedrooms are usually the most appealing with sloped/slanted ceilings.There is something so homey about sleeping under the eaves.

Charming and eclectic describe this great attic bedroom. I love all the marvelous antiques mixed in with the rustic design to create a sense of adventure in this cozy yet refined space.

Not positive if this is an attic bedroom but if it isn't is sure could be. I love the ceiling and the fun and whimsical beam held in position by corbels. A very attractive cozy space that is warm and inviting.

John Saladino

Beams can be left natural for an industrial look, stained or painted. White wash on the attic rafters will achieve this look for your own quaint and cozy bedroom.

White washed or pickled rafters will help to visually enlarge the attic space by providing a light and bright feel. You don't need a huge attic to make an impact. The trick to a quaint and cozy attic bedroom is how warm and inviting a space you can create.

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Cute painted alcove with privacy curtains in this attic bedroom. Remember that brilliant white like this is a cool color so you won't have the warmth that an off white or creamier paint would bring. If you want a cozy space stick with off white.

Attics might not be the first choice when it comes to adding an extra bedroom. Sometimes all you have up there is a series of nooks.........which is not a problem as this next set of images can attest to. How quaint and cozy is a bed charmingly tucked into a nook.

And let us not forget the crannie. The definition of crannie is: a place or part of a place, especially small or remote. In other words the perfect attice bedroom space if quaint and cozy is your desire.

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If you love the idea of an attic bedroom but prefer lots of natural light, you can always incorporate windows, roof windows, or skylights to achieve daylight and natural ventilation.

Take advantage of slanted attic space roofing by installing one or more skylights which will ensure a cheery, light-filled quaint and cozy attic bedroom.

Cute window treatment idea for your skylight windows. The soft cream painted rafters add to the warmth and quaintness of this attic bedroom.

The sloped ceiling is an interesting and unique piece of architecture for your new room. Make the most of it by finishing it in a way that will compliment your room’s design. Beadboard paneling can easily be installed and will give your space a country farmhouse look.  Beadboard is similar to drywall in weight, but the decorative grooves give a more finished look.

If you are creating an attic bedroom, be sure and make good use of the knee wall if you have one. It is the perfect place for small tables, chests, etc. that add to the quaint feel of the space.

A bit of an exposed stone or brick chimney is always a good feature to have for a warm and cozy attic bedroom. Please, if you have one don't drywall around it......use it to complete the look.

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And last but not least, a lovely attic bedroom with a ceiling that runs to a peak with exposed rafters and notched beams. 
Hopefully you have found a few ideas you can use to make the perfect quaint and cozy attic bedroom.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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Decorating With Swedish Gustavian White Painted Desks

If you love the relaxed and quite charm of the Swedish Gustavian or even French Farmhouse home, then you already know that adding a piece of white painted furniture is one of the quickest ways to to give your room a Scandinavian face lift. White wood is very common in Swedish Gustavian designs, however all white is not created equal. Let me get this out of the way......I don't mean brilliant white. The white I speak of is a creamy white or one that is slightly grayed.

While I adore the tranquil beauty of all Swedish pieces I am partial to the white painted desks. This blog post features antique desks and secretaries that have been painted white and have that wonderful distressed patina that only time (or a truly gifted faux painter) can accomplish.

Hopefully these images will titillate your treasure hunting taste buds to look for a great Swedish Gustavian desk for yourself or get your creative juices flowing to create your own version. Just make sure you find a tutorial that teaches you how to really accomplish an authentic looking faux finish. This isn't about painting a desk white, beating it up a bit, and then calling it distressed. There is more to it if you want the great patina on an object that creates so much character for a room. But you can do it.......just take time to learn the right way.

The future King Gustav III of Sweden, upon returning home from the French court of Versailles, was so inspired by what he had seen there that he set about to create his own "Paris of the North." The resulting Gustavian style is a pared-back, lighter in color version of French rococo with neoclassical influences and was adopted by the aristocracy of Sweden as well as the common man as the new trend of decor.

The white painted Swedish Gustavian secretary desk is a charming, multipurpose piece of furniture that can be used in infinite ways in every room of your house.

Typically secretaries come in one of two heights, low or high. They both are gorgeous it's just a matter of which style works best for you. The Gustavian white painted desk is elegant and refined yet very rustic and cozy.

White painted desks in the Swedish Gustavian style are the darlings of the antiques show circuit.

The country cousin of Louis XVI style furniture, the white painted Swedish desk has the same great bone structure minus all the fuss.

Cupboards & Roses

This beautiful Gustavian white painted desk is a perfect combination of Swedish restraint and the French decorative style. It is an elegantly calm piece that is very easy to live with in any style interior.

 Furlow Gatewood 

Your Gustavian style white painted desk need not be huge. A small desk like this will add character to a corner or small nook.

To a country that spends a large part of its year with limited daylight ( in December, the average day has 19 hours of darkness) few qualities are desired more than light. The pale colors of the Swedish Gustavian interior with it's white painted desks, furniture, walls and floors are in direct response to this need.

The Swedish aesthetic focuses on a neutral color palette, painted furniture, and a mix of formal and informal elements. This fabulous painted white secretary desk has a much sought after Mora clock built into the side.

A stunning two part Swedish Gustavian white painted secretary desk with soft blue interior accent. Another element that influenced Gustavian furniture history was the Rococo Style. Swedish artisians used some of its design elements, but kept it simpler in design.

Gustavian furniture is often recognized by its carved and tapered legs. If you're not sure what pieces to start with for a Swedish Gustavian style interior a white painted desk is a good choice.

A great patina on an object creates so much character for a room.This Swedish white painted writing desk has a lovely patina and great grey stenciled decoration.

Suzanne Kasler

Antique painted white Swedish slant front writing desk with bracket brace, early 19th Century. The wonderful patina of painted furniture is one reason why the Gustavian look is sought after and desired by many. If you find a piece like this, it is OK to clean it but don't strip or repaint it. The pattern of wear is part of the much desired aesthetic that dealers and decorators swoon over.

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A painted Swedish Gustavian table can easily double as  a desk. White painted furniture (especially distressed furniture) looks great in a vintage farmhouse room.The popular shabby chic style owes it's origins to Gustavian painted furniture.

Although the Gustavian style was initially gilded and reserved for royal palaces in and around the capitol city of Stockholm, the style quickly gained popularity among the general population. A secretary desk like this painted white one would have been a prized possession.

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Pared down and calmly elegant, popularity for white painted furniture like this 18th century Gustavian writing desk spread from the town houses of the well-to-do to rural Swedish country homes where you would see beautifully carved furniture white-washed, or painted in soft greys, blues, or butter yellow.

Add just one white distressed piece like this great secretary desk to your interior and bring instant charm with the look of age.

Charles Faudree

This lovely white painted desk shows how Swedish Gustavian is a restrained interpretation of the French Louis XV and Louis XVI style.

The large secretaries are fabulous but sometime a small, unique, white painted desk speaks volumes and adds a ton of warmth and character to a room. Fluted legs like these are typical of Swedish Gustavian furniture.

Another small white painted desk in this charming Gustavian style bedroom by Lars Bolander

via Pinterest

White and cream distressed furniture gives you the vintage feeling of a room that has been around for centuries. The soft creamy white and palette of soft colors, like the quite gray you see here on the interior portion this desk, is the reason why these Swedish Gustavian painted pieces have the ability to fit within most any home decor.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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