Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bird Inspired Interiors.....Classic, Elegant, And Never Out Of Style

People have had a long affair with avian decor and it migrates from time to time to become a decorating trend.It came into view again last year and is still very popular. You are seeing birds in many decorating elements from dinnerware to my favorite, wallpaper, which can be an amazing accent when applied properly. 

Birds have inspired designers for centuries. In 18th-century Britain, China seemed a mysterious, far-away place. Chinoiserie drew on this exotic image. Objects featured fantastic landscapes with fanciful pavilions and fabulous birds, deemed auspicious and harbingers of good news in Chinese culture. 

I am a big fan of Chinoiserie so to me birds on walls is not a trend but a classic to be enjoyed anytime.There are some beautiful bird inspired wallpapers available which will certainly breathe new life into a room. 

Here are some images that I hope will inspire you to consider bringing the outdoors into your interiors in a refined and elegant way.

Kelly Wearstler's bird decor.

"A-Twitter" in summer colorway by F. Schumacher.

Chelsea Porcelain plate with bird motif

Bird inspired fabric used on  a Chippendale sofa and also draperies of client's formal living room.

Chinoiserie folding screen

This piece belonged to Catherine The Great and is in the Palace at St. Petersburg

source unknown

Schumachers Bird Song Wallpaper in Cream

Lovely hand painted porcelain dinnerware

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Decorating In Coastal Style.....Elegant And Sophisticated

Elegant Coastal is just one of several decorating styles for a home on the shore. It is sunny, sophisticated, classic and can even have a hint of high glamour. 

This style can incorporate some of the accessories you see in a fun, casual beach cottage, like shells and coral. However, they are used in a more classic, understated way. While the "beach house" is many times a vacation home, this is more the style for someone who actually lives near the ocean and wants their house well appointed without being "beachy".

The general look is still usually light, airy and soothing. Clean lines, whites and creams, and blues often predominate the style. Although you will see that some of the interiors have strong color and yet work beautifully in a coastal setting.While white and blue hues are traditional in the beach style of decorating, any color found in nature on the beach can work well, including pale corals and greens. 

I hope these images will help you if this is the style you are interested in for your sea side home. Plus I have thrown in a few lovely outdoor entertainment areas as well. Enjoy!

Here the decor is light and simple because it's the view outside the windows that is the attraction.

The shells are elegantly displayed to add a touch of the beach in this classic interior. There are small ways to bring the beach inside yet not totally focus on it being a coastal home.

Bed dressings can still be luxurious and simple at the same time.

I like the way the stencil reminds you of coral.

Love the yellow and turquoise. It is a great combination to use when you have the view of aquamarine waters.

White kitchens are lovely in elegant coastal homes. And a touch of color is always nice.

A beautiful way to display coral and shells. Paint the inside of your shelves with a pretty sea side color and concentrate your shells to like color. Don't just lay them there, arrange then using pedestals and other interesting items to give them different heights. It makes for a more elegant display.

While this room is full of classical furnishings, it is designed to perfection and doesn't come across as heavy or too traditional for a coastal home. I like the way that the furnishings and accessories don't steal the spotlight from the star....that fabulous view!!

Simple but elegant!

Gorgeous sitting area almost has the feel of a papered wall behind the sofa. The table acts as a great sea shell display! If you have one with a shelf....fill it up!!

Hand painted seascape on the dining room walls and the sea blue chair seats and placemats help soften the antiques Cathy Kincaid

A wonderful Palm Beach interior by Scott Snyder. Don't be afraid to use color in a elegant coastal home, just be selective. You won't go wrong with pastels!

Large living room with creamy walls and couches and accents of greens, pinks and blues - very Palm Beach  by Mario Buatta.

Weathered accessories like these stone wall planters  give an elegant old world quality to a coastal home.

While white and blue hues are traditional in the beach style of decorating, any color found in nature on the beach can work well, including pale greens.

This pretty room featuring tropical elements is at home on the beach. I like the ceiling fans mixed with chandeliers.

Nice kitchen! The rugs are just the touch of tropical it needs!

A pretty seashell display. Baskets are for beach cottages....think differently for Coastal Elegance

Coral or apricot and soft sandy colors are also wonderful in this decor.

Greek Key motif abounds in this Bunny Williams bathroom.

Even dark colors when done right can make a bold coastal statement.

The perfect bust for an elegant coastal home.

I just had to share this over the top bathroom...but it works in an
Elegant Coastal interior.

Bring the beach inside with palm trees. Tone on tone elegance and simplicity is reflected in this stunning interior.

I love this fabulous kitchen by Scott Snyder. So perfect for Coastal Elegance!

Just the simple act of presenting your shells in a wonderful Chinese porcelain bowl or a silver container like this will transform the feel of your room from Beach Cottage  to Coastal Chic.

Touches of coral print and a lovely shell display bring beach flair to this Elegant Coastal Living Room

French interiors should also be considered for an elegant coastal home.

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This blog post was published by
Lisa Farmer
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