Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Decorating With Slipcovers

Slipcovers are an easy, inexpensive way to refresh the look of furnishings and transform the style of a room. Decorating with slipcovers also offers you the chance to try new styles and alter the look of your house anytime you come to feel like it without blowing your spending budget. Sophisticated and washable, slipcovers are the secret weapon of decorating; they add flair, protect upholstery, give new life to furniture, and sumptuously dress up any room.

Slipcovers are sometimes defined as "clothing for furniture." Indeed, they are tailored just as clothing is, and are fitted loosely or snugly to the taste of the owner. Some people order furniture upholstered in plain muslin with the intention of using slipcovers only.

Today slipcovers possess the ability to make a dramatic fashion statement. Contemporary slipcovers offer a wealth of innovative patterns and colors. They are a great budget-friendly way to make older furniture look new again. Rather than spending a substantial financial investment for new seating or reupholstering, slipcovers offer an affordable solution for a quick and stylish furnishing cover up. Looking to change the ambiance of a room, a slipcover is the perfect solution. I have gathered some images to show you just how pretty decorating with slipcovers can be. Also here are some different styles that might help you in making your decision. 


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Friday, May 24, 2013

Decorate Your Interiors With The Color Coral

Coral is such an inviting, refreshing color that has a mysterious edge. It's not quite pink, neither is it orange, but it's somewhere in between. It can be very bold, but also some shades are soft and feminine. One thing you do know is that this color can be seemingly breathtaking and it’s everything your home needs to create interest without living with an in-your-face hue. 

Coral comes with an extra benefit.The rosiness of this color is very flattering to all skin tones and will add a youthful glow to your complexion. I don't know about the rest of you but I can use the help!!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that coral can only be used in a coastal home. Also referred to as salmon, peach, apricot and melon, coral can range from a vibrant reddish-pink to a soft terra cotta and it can be used anywhere.Coral can complement a range of colors from Earth tones to pastels.

Coral continues to make it’s presence known in every category of interior decor this season.Can you now picture it in your home? Well if you are still unable, take a look at these images and you may be inspired!!

Chinoiserie wallpaper and fabric by Thibaut. I love this wallpaper....imagine it on the wall behind the photo below!!!

I love to use shades of purple with coral.

Another of my favorite color combinations, coral and green. The pair of vases ties these colors together perfectly.

Coral on the red side. This color looks good in a dark space too!

Diamond Baratta

Energize a neutral room with a coral accent wall or accessories like curtains, accent pillows, lampshades or area rug.

Coral with strong undertones of orange makes a striking contrast with blue. 

Coral works equally well with classical......

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 or more modern interiors.

The color coral just breathes life into a room.

Beige and coral look perfect together, and make a tender color mix that relaxes the eye.

Coral painted furniture is very trendy now. The color looks wonderful on this bookcase/desk combo by designer Kimberlee Gorsline.

A softer shade of coral is usually called salmon.

This beautiful painted piece gives just the pop of coral color this room needs.

If you are a do-it-your-selfer, try giving a uninspiring piece of furniture a real lift with a pretty shade of coral paint.

There is quite a bit of coral colored furniture out there to choose from. A sofa can make a huge statement!!

Gorgeous antique bed  accessorized with  modern fabric covered pillows in coral and neutral colors.

Sometimes a dash of coral packs a punch! It can quickly bring life to a room.

Coral and red are great paired together. Just make sure you get the perfect shades of each or it can go south in a hurry.

You can see how this white sofa, is energized by adding coral curtains behind it.

Using the color coral in a room instantly adds warmth, energy and vibrance to the decor. Purple, coral, and yellow is such a pretty combination.

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The color coral mixes well with a boho chic interior.

Coral is a mixture of orange, pink and red. These hues can be mixed with intense saturation, creating a bold and vivid coral, or they can be toned down for a more subdued, muted shade.

Loving the coral ceiling. Contrast ceilings are a big trend today.

If you don’t want to make a move that is overpowering, try adding a coral accent in any room like coral curtains, cushions, chandelier, chest of drawers, or whatever pleases you.

Shades of coral look lovely when paired with beige, cream, tan and gray. Coral helps reinforce the warm undertones of hues like beige and tan.

Stylish and chic interior with shades of coral and some amazing furniture. It is classical and fresh all at the same time.

What a wonderful tufted headboard.....made even more perfect  in coral.

For design enthusiasts not wanting to commit to painting the entire room (such as renters unable to change the color of the walls), coral accents are effectively powerful.

I love this fabulous coral wall. This is such a fun eclectic space.
I had to include this image of a purple and coral interior because it is so bold.....for all of you that want unique and dramatic!!

via Pinterest

Sometimes more salmon, sometimes more rust, coral brings a touch of warmth to a room, yet it can also be the perfect bold statement.

This space pairs coral with aqua and yellow to create a sophisticated color palette.

Shades of coral run the gamut from vibrant pinks to sultry oranges.

In this type of color scheme, the cool and neutral colors are typically used as primary and secondary colors, saving brighter hues like coral as accent colors.

Bright and cheerful. This room has a Palm Beach Chic look about it.

From coral accents to coral walls, take note of the design strategies you see below, and remember that this stunning shades wears well all year round.

This is a great medium tone color if you are wanting to use color in a small room like a powder room and have fear of it being too dark.

What a pretty headboard. White pops against coral as you can see from this image. Use a few patterned pillows and viola!, instant chic.

Definitely a bold and colorful coral interior.

Yellow and turquoise work well with vibrant coral walls.

Coral is a color to have fun with. Give it a chance and enjoy yourself!

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This blog post was published by
Lisa Farmer
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