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Decorate With Unique And Interesting Art Arrangements

Picture arrangement can either be the simplest or hardest thing you can do. The way your pictures are arranged can make your home very beautiful and interesting or..... well let's just say needful of assistance. The arrangement of art is more than just hanging pictures on the wall and allowing them to simply take up space in a tedious and uninspired way.

First thing I recommend is to forget all the rules about hanging art. They usually make for boring walls with all their measurements and precision. Yes, you have to get multiple pictures straight etcetera, but to have measurements for how high to hang them, how far apart, how many, NO!!! Take a tip from Old World style art arranging and bring that style into the present. I have pictures hung high, low, and anywhere in between in my old 125 year old house with 12 foot ceilings. And people love it when they come to visit because they say it is interesting and not typical.

While there are many ways to display art, this particular post is about unique ways to arrange and spotlight paintings that you might not have considered. So toss out the stale regulations and jump in with both feet to make your art displays inventive, fun, and by all means INTERESTING! Enjoy the old world interiors (you know me), and the more modern spaces as well. Both styles can benefit from unique art arrangements!

Howard Slatkin, designer and author of the book "Fifth Avenue Style", knows all too well how to create lavish, carefully curated and interesting interiors. Here he breaks the rules and hangs art on the window of his beautiful NY apartment. When you close the draperies the paintings seem to float in the room. I have done this is my home as well.

Contemporary homes many times have large-scale windows in place of a wall. Hanging artwork on them can help you create an unique and stylish art gallery.

Don't limit you doors to transportation between rooms. They can act as beautiful mini art galleries when closed. Secure your pictures top and bottom to prevent movement and noise when opening and closing. Also use a real ribbon like in this space.......

......or if you are a lover of charming homes with decorative touches, simply paint a ribbon on the door to hang your art on as this homeowner has done.

If you have a door that is not used, turn it into wall space and by all means hang art on it. This lovely door and wildlife art is in the home of fabulous interior decorator Timothy Corrigan.

Robert Kime

Designer Robert Kime is known for hanging paintings and other art with chains or cording from picture rods that run the entirety of a room, just slightly below the ceiling. Picture rods were popular in the Victorian era.

Robert Kime

The art arrangement is attractive and unique. Plus it's inventive if you simply cannot bear making nail holes in your walls.

This type of art arrangement can be very useful if you are a homeowner that frequently changes the art on display. There are plenty of on-line sites where you can get info on how to create your own picture rods.

Renzo Mongiardino

I love using a fold screen for an unique and interesting art arrangement. You can create a small art gallery that can be tucked into a corner, behind a sofa, or as the headboard of a bed. Be creative! The ways to use this unique art display style are endless. Mix up the art.......

or go with a specific theme such as the portraits seen here in this art arrangement.

via Pinterest

This unique and charming art arrangement on folding screen features lovely botanicals all similar and framed identically.

Nathan Turner

To create more interest on the wall above a piece of furniture, arrange smaller pieces of art around a mirror .....

Rifat Ozbek. Photography by James Merrell

a larger work of art. This will expand the space and make it appear larger and more lavish.

Imagine this interior without the coordinated arrangement of art around the central picture. It would lack uniqueness and just wouldn't generate the same interest.

Design legend, John Fowler

An interesting art arrangement incorporating the wall sconces and vases. What makes this work is that the pictures are hung directly underneath the sconces and the result looks like a cohesive unit.
Also look at the large picture on the right. I like the way it is suspended from ribbons on each end as opposed to the more typical way above the fireplace.

Photography by photo by James Fennell

Arranging art on the spaces over doors and windows will provide an interesting display in old world interiors.

And don't sell the look short for modern rooms as well.

Here is another variation. Use your imagination and come up with unique and unexpected places to hang your art where you will get the sought after "wow" from visitors.

Mario Buatto

If you love antique English interiors, hanging your art in ribbons with the three loop bow at the top will give you the old world look you are after.

Interior by Lillian Williams in the book 18th Century Decorating.

via Pinterest

There is always a way to incorporate old world aesthetics into new homes. Here is the same art arrangement style with a contemporary variation. And again look for clever places to put your display your art as this homeowner has. This is a very engaging foyer with a curved art gallery wall.

via Pinterest

When arranging your art gallery style be sure to look for unique ways to clusters pictures of different sizes to fill the space intentionally.

Or as São Paulo based architect Jorge Elias has done here, completely cover your room's walls with like framed art to create a unique art gallery.

With a little imagination you can create a fabric wall to hang your art collection on that is reminiscent of Napoleon's campaign tent. Just drape your walls by using large decorative tacks and then suspend the art on cording, chains, or ribbons. Perfect if you want a layered interesting arrangement.

Framed antique and reproduction maps is still a popular decorating trend. This interesting way of arranging the map art is different and stylish. Just pin your large map to the wall and proceed to frame sections accordingly.

Instead of hanging art on large sections of wall, try arranging stacked pieces in the spaces between windows. Save the large walls for mirrors or maybe a tapestry.


Arrangements like this will immediately make your space feel cozy and warm. Don't freak out if a painting extends onto the window......just go with it!

One of my favorite ways to display art is to arrange it over library walls full of books. Whether you hang one large piece......

or a mix of several random sized pieces,

Cookbook author Alex Hitz's Los Angeles home

this unique type of art arrangement adds interest and sophistication to your library.

The home of Annette and Oscar de la Renta

Cozy and interesting art arrangement on bedroom bookshelves. Look for unusual spaces in your home to transform into breathtaking art displays.

Stephanie Stokes

Making a gallery wall to extend your headboard is another creative and unique art arrangement to try yourself.

Word of advice! This type of art arrangement looks best with uniform frames that extend the eye upward making your walls look taller. A mishmash of odd sizes will not give you the same effect but with cut down the height of the wall.

There has to be some cohesiveness in the gallery art you arrange above the headboard in order to pull off an eye pleasing look similar to this lovely example. Even though it is somewhat trendy to use odd sizes and frames in all directions, this will not give you the same effect. If your artwork is laid out in horizontal fashion, your walls will look lower. The idea is to make them look as tall as possible so think vertical and like (but not exactly) framed.

via Pinterest

Don't be afraid to layer pieces of art. The look is dimensional, interesting, and refreshing.

via Pinterest

Hopefully now you will try a different approach to arranging your artwork. Break the rules and make it interesting!!!

This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

In the event that I have not credited the correct source of an image, please contact me at and I would be glad to correct it.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Decorating Neutral Interiors With Pops Of Pink

One of the best ways to revamp your home’s neutral design scheme and stay on trend is by introducing pops of color. So what is a "pop" of color? In design speak a pop is "a little bit of bright, lively color", in this case PINK.....used in neutral interiors.

Neutral interiors are generally elegant and have a sophisticated quality all their own. But some of you prefer adding a small color statement as well. If a pop of pink would bring your personality into the space you call home, then by all means go for it.

 This blog post hopefully will help you see how pretty pops of pink can be, especially in neutral cream or white rooms. Plus there are some tips you might want to think about before taking the plunge. When incorporating any splash of statement color there are things to consider so you are satisfied with the end result and there are no costly mistakes made.

Enjoy the images of lovely neutral interiors with exciting touches of pink!!

Neutral creams and whites make great backdrops needed to create a well-curated interior. However, when a neutral space calls for a bit of energy to liven it up, consider adding a pop of pink. It will bring things to a new level of exhilaration!!

No matter what you choose as your pop of pink, curtains, soft furnishings, flooring, or a piece of art, just remember this color will definitely bring a jolt of excitement to your interior.

 via Pinterest

In this room, in Chatsworth House, with it's creamy white walls, the lighter rose pink accents lend to softness, gracefulness, and serenity.

While more saturated, hotter pink pops can make a room feel more femininely strong and sexy when set against a white or cream background.

Just be careful not to commit pink overkill when adding it to you neutral interior. The whole idea is adding just the right amount of "pop" to your space.

via Pinterest

Pink pops of damask will introduce old world elegance to your neutral space.

Pink pops of plush fabrics, such as velvet, give an air of richness.....

while pink suede can be chic and stylish when used against a neutral background.

via Pinterest

Loving the pop of pink presented by the claw foot tub in this neutral old world style.

There are many ways to incorporate a pink pop into your neutral room. For example select a beautiful pink sofa or loveseat.

Or try letting chairs provide the pink excitement in your neutral space.

It is hard to find a prettier interior color combination than creamy white and accents of pink.

Curtains are great for making a statement and brightening up a room. For the neutral interior in search of a pop of pink, curtains are a great choice. Your home may not be the Hotel di Duc Gesvres in Paris, but it will still look fabulous with pretty pink curtains.

Pillows are great accessories to help incorporate pops of pink into your neutral interior.

via Pinterest

Never underestimate a neutral interior with a pop of pink via a painted wall.

Or maybe paint the inside of a cupboard pink to add interest to your neutral interior.

Then of course there are accessories. They are the perfect choice for those of you that do not want to commit to a pop of pink as large as a sofa.

Throws are great ways to bring a bit of pizazz to an otherwise tranquil neutral interior.

Penny Morrison's home in Wales

You can layer a room in pink accents by using them in unexpected places like in a custom rug or on the shade of your favorite lamp.

Wall art is another excellent way to bring a pop of pink to your otherwise neutral space.

Sometimes all you need are subtle touches to make pink pop in your interiors. So many people get carried away and the whole look goes sideways.

via Pinterest

Last but not least is the lovely pop of pink that can be provided by beautiful flowers. Sometimes you really want to keep your neutral interiors well......neutral. Pink flowers will only add a splash of color when YOU want it.

People tend to like bolder pops of pink because pink is a combination of red and white. Because of that it provides the energy from red and the quietness of white to make for splashes of color that have it all.

via Pinterest

However, many love the softness of pale pink which is considered the color of love, femininity, and warmth. Pale blush pink pops in neutral interiors are lovely and can be soothing and comforting.

   Mario Buatta

In this stunning neutral room pale pink accents still command the eye without being dramatic.

via Pinterest

When using soft pink pops just remember to steer clear of the overly feminine clichés of floral patterns and ruffles. Instead try to keep the space cleaner or it can end up too sugary sweet and frilly.

Keep in mind that the neutral space is YOURS and it isn't complete until YOU have left your own pop of color in it no matter what color that is!

This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

In the event that I have not credited the correct source of an image, please contact me at and I would be glad to correct it.

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