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Decorating Trend......... Bathtubs In The Bedroom

Bathing in your bedroom is nothing new, at least to wealthy aristocrats. It was a common practice until the 1850's ushered in indoor plumbing. A room featuring sink, tub, and toilet was born and is what we call the modern bathroom today. With a backward look we have decided to deconstruct the bathroom and once again put tubs in the bedroom. The trend is gaining popularity so it might be something to think about if you are considering a renovation.

While this design trend has been a fixture in honeymoon suites, why can't the rest of you enjoy a romantic and functional element of design as well. Due to the rising popularity of "open plan” bathrooms, a beautiful free standing or focal point tub installed in the bedroom is a choice many homeowners are now making.

Remember it isn't suppose to look like a spa. Hot tubs have been replaced by graceful and classically designed bath tubs as more and more people want to flee minimalism and return to the beautiful and elegant home interior. I hope you enjoy the images of bedrooms with bathtubs that I have gathered and come away with a few ideas.

Bather by Jean-Baptiste Pater, circa 1730

Like I said, bathtubs in the bedroom is not a new idea. In this painting you can see what transpires at bath time in my lady's chambers. Maids attend to the bath while others ready the bed.

Ludovico Marchetti, 1853-1909, La Sortie du Bain

The rich had the luxury of a tub in one’s chambers whether it was a permanent fixture......

or was portable and carried into the bedroom when needed.

Babington House is a country house hotel and members' club in the heart of Somerset, UK. Now this is my style bedroom with bath. While I understand bathtubs in the bedroom is a current trend, I think it is prettier and just "feels right" done in an old world style setting. I think it can get too spa or hotel like if you don't keep it warm and charming.

via Pinterest

When you think of a relaxing bath do you think warm and cozy or cold and minimal? I'm sure the first scenario wins out. That is why you need to keep your bedroom and it's bathtub  charming.

French country, shabby, and farmhouse bedrooms look stylish and charming with the addition of a beautiful claw foot or Roman style bathtub.

via Pinterest

Boutique hotels are responsible for the interest in bringing the bathtub into the bedroom.They have provided a new take on the traditional hotel bedroom that has really prompted homeowners to sit up and take notice. Here are three that have kept things stylish in a vintage way.

This hotel in County Cork Ireland is another of the boutique hotels that are helping to push the bathtub in the bedroom trend along.

Historic Kettner's of London, popular since 1867, reopened in early 2018 after a two year renovation. In keeping trendy they installed a freestanding tub in this bedroom.

Remember the romance as well. That big tub of yours can accommodate two people so where better for a tub to be than in the bedroom.

When installing a bathtub in the bedroom take into consideration the weight of the tub when it is full of water. Just make sure your bedroom floor is structurally sound enough and you should be fine.

The Wall Street Journal

A bath tub in the bedroom might be a problem if your room is upstairs especially if you choose one of the heavier stone tubs. Just remember to check it out. My heavy cast iron tub sits on hardwood in our first floor bathroom situated over the basement of our 120 year old house and I have had no problems. More than likely you will not either.

Also if water spillage in your bedroom is a worry for you, tile might be the answer. The following images show how homeowners have tiled under their tubs. I have never had water spills with my claw foot tub, so I don't think it is a big concern. Just take it easy, wink wink!

via Pinterest

While I might dress the bed differently, I think this is a nice bedroom with tub. And the fireplace makes it perfect.

Colorful and eclectic boho chic bedroom complete with bathtub.

This warm and cozy bedroom with tub shows how you can decorate old world style and still be trendy. Good choice in painting the tub gray.

source photography by Gotham Photography Company

I am in love with this bedroom featuring a French daybed and the freestanding bathtub just feet away as you can see in the following picture. From the design firm of Roman and Williams.

Another option for the bedroom bathtub is to elevate it a bit by building a tile platform.

I love this wooden platform that has been built for the tub in this pretty French style bedroom. Who wouldn't want to bathe in the light of a fabulous crystal chandelier like this?

This rustic bedroom, with it's exposed beamed ceiling, is home to an old claw foot tub sitting on a wooden platform.

via Pinterest

Nice mix of modern and classic elements in this bedroom with freestanding tub. While this room is more cool than warm, it still incorporates old world charm that makes the tub look inviting and not cold.

This bedroom with tub is modern and streamlined but the window treatments add in the warmth and elegance.

via Pinterest

The bedroom tub is perfect for those who love to relax but don't enjoy doing it in the typical bathroom. Something about the toilet just ruins the atmosphere doesn't it?

One more bit of advice. Since the bathtub is going to be a big focal point in your bedroom make sure you purchase a statement making tub!!

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Decorating Modern Traditional Interiors With Chintz.........An Old Favorite Is Back!

We recently lost a decorating icon, the Prince of Chintz, Mario Buatto. I am sure he was pleased to know that right around the corner would be a return to the trend he was famous for when chintz was the darling of the decorating world in the 1980's. For those of us that love English interiors chintz never actually goes away. However, over exposure and poor DIY decisions turned people against this fabric in a big way.

Now, thanks to some industry leaders, chintz is making a comeback and this lovely floral fabric is being used alongside contemporary furniture and other fabrics that are traditional with a modern twist.

Chintz is related to a Sanskrit word meaning colored or spotted, but we know it as a light, glazed floral cotton or linen color fast fabric. Originally produced in India from 1600 to 1800, chintz was popular for both clothing and furnishings. The fabric became so trendy when imported to Europe that French and English mills struggled to keep up with the demand since they lacked the natural dyes used by the mills in India that produce the beautiful intense colors that do not fade. In fact, in 1686 the French declared a ban on all chintz imports. Of course since the Court of Versailles was above the law it's wealthy, upper class residents continued to wear clothing made from chintz.

Many of you still associate chintz with grandma's house. However, it has been seen on the runways for two seasons now and home decor in bold and modern style is fast becoming a trend. So hey, give it a chance. Just don't repeat the 80's and overdo......remember to use it in moderation and you will like the look, I promise.

Designer Hollie Wood

Whether you decide to go bold......

via Pinterest

or subtle, the key to decorating the modern home in chintz is restraint. Without it the look will end up overdone and will be ruined like it was in the 80's. Use this fabric sparingly so it enhances instead of overwhelms.

via Pinterest

Today's chintz interiors have a more edgy traditional look because chintz is now being partnered with contemporary furniture and interesting prints.

Richard Keith Langham Inc on instagram

Chintz will still evoke a sense of nostalgia even though it is being used in trendy fresh ways in exciting interiors.

Pretty floral chintz can instantly bring a feminine touch to the room. Make sure you add in some streamlined pieces though, just to keep it modern.  

In the modern interior you want the overall room decor to stand out so be sure to thoughtfully place your chintz pieces. This way the chintz won't be the focal point and your space will feel more sophisticated.

via Pinterest

Another way to make chintz look crisp and clean is to use it against white or pale cream walls. A vase of pretty flowers completes the fresh look.

If you like color on your walls just restrain from covering your windows as well as your furniture with chintz. A couple of pieces is all that is needed here. Any more would be too heavy.

Accent chairs are perfect to cover in chintz. They make a statement but don't overpower.

A bold colorful chintz upholstered chair or sofa will look fabulous in an all cream space. Or likewise in all white. They really pop this way.

A bit of colorful chintz can liven up a modern dark and moody interior.

Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design

This space by Cathy Kincaid is feminine but not sickeningly sweet which too much chintz can bring about. Offset the florals with other interesting prints and throw in some needlepoint pillows. Just go easy on ruffled ones or you will end up with a "granny look".

Here the designer has covered the walls in a chintz pattern which works as long as you leave it at that. Some pillows are OK but that is all you need. The contemporary furniture helps to make the space seem modern because it creates contrast.

Photo by Lesley Unruh.

An eclectic modern/traditional interior that has just the right amount of chintz.

via pinterest

This contemporary interior is reminiscent of the Dorthy Draper look. It has element of her trademark motifs such as chintz upholstered furnishings, applied oversized plaster elements, and dark walls with white picture frame moldings. She popularized chintz in the 30's and Schumacher sold more than a million yards of her cabbage rose chintz.

Designer David Flint and India Hicks prove that chintz also works well in a modern tropical interior. Photo by Patrick Cline for Lonny.

This Lilly Bunn interior features a colorful modern glazed cotton chintz fabric juxtaposed with heavier textured velvet furniture and a deep pile retro shag rug. The light, airy glass and brass table balances the contrasting textures.

This Nicky Haslam interior proves that you can have a pretty, European “country-house” interior without the matching curtains, wall coverings, and upholstery. One or two chintz covered pieces is all you need for a modern traditional look.

nicky haslam  effortless

Another image of the same room that has the Nancy Lancaster Colefax and Fowler, Elsie de Wolfe, and Rose Cumming look of the early 1900's without being saturated in chintz and losing it's modern traditional feel.

Maybe you just want a bit of chintz so you can be part of the trend. Throw pillows are the perfect solution. Mix some pretty chintz patterns. They are lovely when used on a white sofa or chair. Colorful and interesting accessories keep the space feeling modern.

Again a white interior offers a fresh crisp background for chintz to shine in. I love the colorful modern artwork used alongside the traditional chintz furnishings.

Legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent understood this when he created these interiors in the last house he decorated before he died in 2008. These spaces still hold up today and look modern and trendy because of white walls and restraint when it comes to the use of chintz. 

Don't be afraid to mix different chintz patterns. If you aren't sure, get professional help. This look isn't always for the do-it- yourselfer.

I love the chic and bohemian home of Ian and Emilie Irving. Imagine this room with chintz window treatments. There would be and instant heaviness and grandmotherly feel. Keep today's chintz room lighter and more modern looking. Another thing that makes a traditional style space look modern is the effortless way it is decorated.

What better way to get ready for spring than to decorate with some pretty floral chintz. Even though there is quite a bit of it in the wallpaper and on the bed, the room still doesn't look old fashioned.

Be a part of the trend with a pretty chintz covered headboard.

Modern farmhouse interiors can certainly benefit with a chintz upholstered piece or two. Just make sure it stays light and airy.

via Pinterest

Even people with more contemporary taste like things that are pretty. Chintz is the answer as long as you keep it simple and clean.

Designed by Suellen Gregory

Here's hoping you will give this old classic a chance in the modern traditional interior.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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