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Decorating With Black Walls

There ARE those brave homeowners who are willing to take a walk on the dark side and opt for the dramatic and moody ambiance that black walls create in an interior. You have my respect for taking the risk....... with fabulous results. I have always wanted to paint my foyer walls in high gloss black but am taking a break from decorating in my own home.

Black has always been exciting to decorate with but now even more designers are starting to use larger, bolder, swaths of this color. Black walls can bring contrast and sophistication to rooms unlike any other color. Used wisely, black paint can transform your drab space into something spectacular.  I have gathered some images of rooms with black walls that should help you see how you too can pull of this impressive look and "wow" all your visitors.

Henri Samuel

Although not for the timid, black walls are always chic. Black is a wonderful neutral and though it's dark, goes with everything.

Ofer Wolberger, LTD.

The bathroom may be the perfect place to begin with black walls.  Small rooms can actually seem much larger when black paint is used on one wall or two adjacent walls. I love this black lacquered paneling and playful artwork. The white sink and toilet provide the perfect contrast.

Although large rooms with high ceilings are ideal for black walls.........


.......... black can lend great stylish presence to smaller rooms.

Black is very dramatic and has the ability to give bare walls a polished flair. Black walls are a wonderful backdrop for mixing antique and modern elements of design.

Two versions of the same room...........

........designed by Amy Howard.

Black walls will overwhelm if the room is not accessorized correctly. This is one color scheme that lives and dies by the accessory and the accent colors. 

Black interiors are like the little black dress. They can really stand out when you add the perfect accessories. Go for pops of color against the black walls.

Don't forget that black wallpaper can be a fabulous alternative to painted black walls.

John Bobbitt

My preference in painted black walls are those covered in paneling. I think they tend to have a deeper dimension.

A stunning Moroccan style room designed with black walls and marble floors. Yellow really pops against black.

To really bring the drama, choose crisp white upholstery, and accessorize with shiny details such as mirrors and metals. In a room with all black walls, you need to reflect as much light as possible.

Ralph Duesing & John Bobbitt

To make black walls work it is best to keep your ceilings and floors in lighter colors. However, I adore black floors and if you are courageous enough consider painting your floors black as well.  It's high drama!!

Philip Gorrivan

Also, consider using high-gloss paint or lacquer on your black walls. They will reflect light and add sparkle to the room. Flat black can look......well, flat......... and uninteresting. If you want a more matte look maybe try a suede paint for a bit of texture.

Gil Schafer

The black accent wall really draws your eye. This may be all the black you want to get your desired look.

source unknown

Black walls don’t necessarily mean a room has to look masculine. You can add glam and femininity by selecting the right accessories, supporting colors, and upholstered pieces.

Here again the high gloss paint reflects light even though the walls are black. This works especially well on wood paneling and trim. I love the use of opulence in a room with black walls so I would definitely add crystal chandeliers and mirrors.

Make sure your walls are well prepped, as chips and impressions will show up easily on black walls.

Decorative Buying Services

Black walls radiate elegance and have a way of making a space look more high end. Classic animal prints such as leopard and zebra are perfect choices for a black interior.

Ralph Duesing & John Bobbitt

Thought of more as modern design, black walls don't have to be confined to contemporary interiors. My favorites are classical rooms which are extremely chic and refined when walls are painted black. Here the faux tortoise shell panels and the 19th-century Venetian-glass chandelier are stunning accents.

Whether you use a touch or a ton of black the result will be spectacular rooms!!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Decorating With Velvet Sofas

Sometimes you just need to indulge in luxury when decorating your living room and a velvet sofa may be just the ticket.There is a definite resurgence in lavish and opulent fabrics and velvet is top of the list. Sometimes called the New Victorian style, home interiors seem to be taking on a grander, more ornate look. To me a velvet sofa is more timeless than trendy but according to the "experts" they are all the rage now and leading the charge towards a new form of traditional decor. I had a navy, velvet, Chippendale sofa at one time and loved it. Velvet is a  sophisticated yet durable fabric and a velvet sofa gives any  room an instant polished and refined ambiance and is a great way incorporate this gorgeous fabric into your home. 

Finally velvet has outlived it's bad rep as the fabric that was on Grandma's tacky Victorian furniture or velvet Elvis paintings. Designers have once again embraced this lovely fabric. For those who love elegance and have a desire to recreate opulence in their own homes, opportunity has arrived in the form of the velvet sofa and I for one am glad to see it......again.

Chapman Interiors

The trend in fabric is all about richness and texture. That pretty much describes velvet and we will be seeing more and more of it this year. Velvet sofas are especially being sought after at present for their ability to transform a room with their elegant appeal as well as for their quality and durability.

Jacques Garcia

Whether you like the classics like me..........

..........or prefer a more modern approach, a velvet sofa will upgrade any room to a higher level because it is rich and luxurious to the eye as well as to the touch.

A velvet sofa can appear delicate but with it's distinctive texture it can act as a dramatic and bold focal point in your living room. Velvet tends to come in beautiful colors and adds a depth to each piece. This especially shows up well on a large item like a sofa or loveseat.

Because of it's luxuriousness, rich colors seem to look best on velvet sofas. This is a fabulous shade of blue!!

Velvet sofas can be dressy and formal specially if you choose a more ornate frame. There is nothing wrong with that if you show restraint and create an elegant space. Just  don't decorate in too fussy a manner. Remember the look today is formal but pared down.
source unknown

The beauty of velvet sofas is that you can also dress them down and yet retain a sophisticated and chic look in you interiors.

If you love antiques and classical sofas and want to showcase one in your formal living room, velvet is the perfect choice for upholstery. Here is a Swedish gilt, ebonised sofa from mid-19th century, covered in green cotton velvet.

via pinterest

I think velvet covered antique sofas are wonderful when mixed in with more modern furnishings. That is the fun of this new traditional style. If you like this look, treasure hunt for sofas and chairs with decorative carving then add in other elements you like such as contemporary color schemes and odd, eclectic accessories. Just remember that today's look isn't about all the fuss of the Victorian period. Instead it is about featuring your pieces so they can stand out.

It is easy to embrace the luxurious and sensual look of a velvet sofa. 

Velvet sofas are all about elegance and comfort, yet they can also be bold, and let's just face it, very sexy.

 While functioning as a great decorative piece, a velvet sofa will also impress all your visitors with its degree of comfort. I use to love curling up to read on mine.

Kathy Best

Don't forget how lovely velvet loveseat sofas are as well.

Paolo Moschino

This raspberry colored velvet loveseat sofa placed in front of a dark wall looks very chic and modern.

Tufting has also become a huge trend so a velvet sofa with a tufted back is definitely a bold and dramatic statement piece for your interior. Notice the gold accessories......also very trendy for 2015.

A black velvet sofa is a safe bet that always looks rich and luxurious.

Velvet sofas are perfect additions to an eclectic or Bohemian style room.

A velvet sofa is much like a crystal chandelier in that it looks  equally wonderful in a distressed or opulent interior.

Pair a velvet sofa with a weathered or brick wall for a fresh look.

This velvet sofa covered in rich turquoise looks great with bold, modern patterns.

Tracey Garret Design

I love this yellow velvet sofa and how well it pops against shelves displaying books and other colorful accessories.

Details like nailheads are especially trendy on velvet sofas. Also contrasting piping can lend a traditional look.

Velvet can hold up over the long haul with a little care and effort on your part. If you will just vacuum regularly in the direction of the nap with the small brush attachment of your vacuum, you will keep your velvet sofa or other pieces looking their best. For spills remember to blot not rub, use a mild upholstery cleaner with warm water, and handle the nap very gently.

A velvet couch is one of those luxurious items that is so worthwhile because of it’s beautiful appearance and how it can transform a room.

Velvet is the perfect fabric to bring drama to a sofa because it creates the impression of light and shadow.

Velvet sofas tend to have a traditional feel, but they can be pure fun when covered in a bold color like peacock blue, hot pink, or purple.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer
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