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Decorating With Etageres

I guess you have noticed that the étagère has become a "must have" piece of home decor. A fun alernative to the  book shelf, you are seeing them everywhere. Pronounced : ā-tä-ˈzher, this piece consists of a series of stages or open shelves for the reception of ornaments or other small articles. Extensively made in France during the late 18th century, the word étagère was taken from the Middle French word, estagiere, referring to “estage floor of a building or station”.

All you have to do is look in a decorating magazine or visit a design blog or pinterest board and you will see what I mean. The etagere, even though it has been around for centuries, is once more a trendy item. These graceful and elegant open shelves are perhaps best known in the brass construction. Yet the history of the étagère, shows that even Louis XVI adored this elegant piece,especially in exotic woods.
Popular once again during the Victorian era, the excess of details would additionally adorn the shelves of style. Gilded carvings, marble shelves and mirrors made them heavier pieces of furniture.

This decorative piece has evolved into the stylistic elegance and simplicity of the brass étagère and has certainly gained iconic appeal today. I have gathered some pictures of beautiful french antique etageres as well as modern versions so you can be inspired to incorporate one into your interiors.

Those who follow my blog know I an an antique enthusiast so naturally I have a few beautiful French antique etageres to show you. These etageres usually had metal "pie crust" edges and were of course made of wood, many times with inlay.This Louis XIV etagere serves as a bookshelf carousel.

An example of a French Antique Marquetry Etagere.  They are so stylish and elegant and the perfect way to display a few pretty treasures.

A 19th Century French Etagere. Like the "what not" shelf, it was very often shaped to fit a corner.

An etagere in Reese Witherspoon's Ojai Home

Étagères by Garrison Rousseau in Nina Griscom's elegant Manhattan apartment.

An etagere will appear to take up less space than a traditional bookshelf while elevating your style a few notches.

This stylish home office features a Cynthia Rowley desk, great greek key patterned chair, orange Ikat pillow and a trendy brass etagere.

The etagere is a very versatile furniture piece as it can be used in many different ways and in all types of spaces. They come in a variety of styles and are perfect for displaying books, collections and other treasures.

Don’t forget to place books horizontally as well as vertically on the shelves of your etagere...... it adds a nice rhythmic pattern to the shelf.

What a fun and eclectic space made all the better with the addition of brass etageres.

Lindsey Harper

I love Chinoiserie and the enduring design of the pagoda etagere. These are from Brooke Astor's estate. 

Pagoda etagere in brass is classic yet trendy. These shelves are decorated in monochromatic style with all brass collectibles, but pops of color would look great too.

This Chinoiserie latticework etagere belonged to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Etageres are not all book shelf size. Smaller ones look wonderful as a unit that fits over a bathroom toilet or on the floor as a small shelf for storing hand towels and other bath necessities.

This is a pretty iron and glass etagere used to display perfumes, powers etc. I like the way it sits on the vanity and creates a lovely reflection in the mirror.

Small etageres make great bedside tables as well.

And who didn't fall in love with the etageres in Darryl Carter’s kitchen!!

The Cross Decor And Design

Faux bamboo etageres are very popular.  Here a white one blends beautifully into the walls of this pretty sitting area.

A pair of faux, orange bamboo Campaign Etageres,Sabina Danenberg Antiques

You can find great bamboo etageres at antique shops as well as thrift stores and flea/collectible markets.

The lucite chair with fuchsia cushion, mirrored desk, brass bed, and fabulous etagere make this the perfect chic bedroom.

This is another style of metal etagere that is easily found home decor stores.

MMR Interiors

 White washed wood plank floors and glossy teal book shelves. Add in an eclectic zebra tufted chair and ottoman paired with an interesting brass etagere and you have eclectic perfection.

You can find an old piece that has seen better days and save it with a quart of paint and some elbow grease.
via pinterest

When grouping objects together  just remember the basic rule of threes. Objects tend to look better when gathered in odd numbers, like 3's or 5's.

Etageres are functional as exceedingly graceful and elegant room dividers.

source unknown

Flank your fireplace with etageres instead of conventional book shelves for a more modern wist.

Use them singularly......

..........or create a wall of etageres for a truely unique look. I love the like artwork above each etagere and the pops of color.  Make sure your displays are interesting and well thought out.....not just clutter.

I love, love, love, this etagere of the kitchen island.

Proudly display your appetizers, finger foods and other entertaining fare during all your parties with an elegant etagere. These European-inspired pieces are perfect for convenient entertaining.

So much more fun than bookshelf the etagere is very functional in an office setting.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Decorating With Pops Of Purple

To "pop" or not to "pop", that is the question. Do you only need a pop of color or are you going to go bold with it? Sometimes color is best delivered in measured doses. Purple can certainly fall into that category. It is a great color that has been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries. In fact, purple's elite status stems from the rarity and cost of the dye originally used to produce it.

The eyes are immediately drawn to purple upon entering a room whether it is present in artwork, vases, soft sweeping drapes, lacquered rich wall color, tufted bed fabric, velvet pillows, elegant bedding… the list goes on. Since purple is so stimulating, (unless it is a muted shade), too much of it tends to weary the eye after a while. It is an easy color to become tired of if you saturate your space and before long you will be wanting to redecorate.This is another good reason to let only pops of color satisfy your purple cravings. My advice is to have a neutral backdrop and just add pops of your favorite shade of purple. A neutral backdrop can stand the test of time, and pops of color in your accessories can easily be changed for a current look.

Take a look at these inspiring images that embody beautiful design and ways to really make purple pop.

If painting your walls purple intimidates you, start with just a pop of purple on your front door. Doors can make a big impact with a small investment.

The purple "pop" created by this classical bench is minimal enough to not over power the room but vibrant enough to give it alot of life.

This dark, atmospheric interior needed a pop of color and the purple chair really livens up the space.

You have heard about the decorating "rule of three" In decorating it is best to work in odd numbers especially 3 or 5. Here is an example of how a repetition of at least 3 pops of purple ( the flowers, lights, and pillows) help to make it look cohesive and decorated.

I also like the one big pop of purple created by this painting. It is 
unexpected and makes an attractive backdrop. One works well because it is an odd number.

Your pops of purple don't have to be huge. Here a pillow and tea set along with bright yellow daisies energize the space.

Analogous colors are colors which are side by side on the color wheel. This room has two pops of color, purple and blue. These two colors are analogous so they work well together in the space.

The fact that the color of the walls is echoed in the accessories really ties the room together. The pillows and cable knit sofa throw are the pops of purple that brighten this space up.You could create the same effect by having a throw pillow and a lamp that has a similar color, or matching bedside lamps, or a vase and a chair, etc.

via pinterest

Give emphasis to a neutral room by adding a few smart hits of color. I would prefer a neutral lampshade and maybe a few less small purple accents, but otherwise this is a pretty space.

Complementary colors are any two colors which are directly opposite each other on the color wheel and a first glance seem not to “go” together The theory is that these colors set each other off, create contrast, and can actually look really good in the same space . One interesting complementary color combination is yellows, golds, and purple. See how the tufted purple seating really pops in this room.

If you are one of the brave ones, why not go crazy with it! Make an entire sofa a bright pop of purple.

Madeline Weinrib

Or maybe create your pop of purple with a big area rug that will anchor the room and tie in your other purple accessories.

The purple upholstered French chairs really pop against the olive walls. These deep in hue colors are very grown-up and sophisticated.

ZsaZsa Bellagio

The accent wall is a familiar concept for creating a pop of color. Yet partial surfaces, smaller architectural elements, and furnishings are ripe for color too. Here the pops of purple are in deeper shades of plum. Remember it doesn't always have to be bright purple.

You get it, let your eyes travel around the room and count the repetitions of color.

via pinterest

Interior doors can also deliver a pop of color to a hallway or neutral room.

Even in a colorful eclectic interior pops of purple still stand out.

Ceiling are often only after thoughts but you can see here how this unexpected pop of purple brings a touch of whimsy to a crisp space.

This everyday table becomes fun and exciting when it is surrounded by brightly colored chairs creating pops of purple. As an added benefit, mismatched pieces can be unified with the same color. If you have several odd chairs....paint them the same shade of purple.

Gray is still a popular neutral. Many times a color is needed to liven things up and purple is perfect in the supporting role.

source unknown

There are a few ways you can easily add some color to your life. The two easiest being throw pillows and accessories! That way you can always keep up on those ever changing trends. They’re also a great way to add just a touch of of color to an already great space.

A coat of paint can transform any wooden furnishing into an accent piece, whether it is a dresser, side table, bed frame or arm chair, just to name a few.

Pops of purple make all the difference in a neutral room, adding life to the room and preventing it from feeling too sterile.

The eye does not tire of neutrals as easily as it does of color, which can even be introduced in small details like a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers.

A  pop of purple can make a space feel exotic and placing them in a decidedly neutral environment really makes them stand out.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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