Saturday, November 17, 2012

Decorate Your Interiors With Jewel Tone Colors

Don't wring your hands when it comes time for an interior redecoration. Beautiful jewel tone rooms are the perfect solution to your decorating decisions. When you add warm tones to  primary colors you have jewel tones. Muted colors such as amethyst, ruby, sapphire, topaz and are every where in interiors. Just think of your room as a jewel box. Some fun color combinations are: 1.Olive-tinged peridot, bold fuchsia, ruby red, citrine yellow and gleaming teal, 2. Pink tourmaline, cool blue topaz, pearly opal, smoky quartz and royal amethyst. 3.Lustrous gold, warm amber, clear-as-sky aquamarine, shimmering sapphire and regal emerald.

Use your favorite gem stone as the main color, saturating the walls or ceiling with it. Another contrasting or complementing jewel can be used as a secondary color in the color scheme. Balance out the jewel tone decor with neutrals and metallics. Golden brown moldings and furniture work well with walls painted in a deep jewel tone color.

You can also use jewel tone accessories to add accents to a neutral or white interior design. Think chairs, ottomans, vases, and lamps in jewel tones for the living room; headboard, bed linens, and throws for bedroom; refrigerator, chandelier, and door for kitchen, and dining chairs and table centerpieces for the dining room.
A word of caution....don't go overboard!! It can end up a mess if you don't show some restraint.

Jewel tones are lovely when used with neutrals. If you are not comfortable painting your walls with a vibrant color, use pretty accessories and art instead.

White Christmas tree with jewel tone colored ornaments........dreamy!

Some of you may want to go all out and envelope yourself in color. 
Walls painted in jewel tone colors can make a large room seem more intimate and inviting, and they enhance the coziness of a small space by emphasizing the richness of the color.

These are slightly muted primary colors and are close to jewel tones so they work against the white. If you go with darker jewel tones, stay away from stark white. Choose something creamier to paint your walls like a medium oyster if you want a light background.

Thomas Britt

Like being in a red velvet lined jewel box. This is a small room that carries it's dark walls well. Of course it helps to have good lighting.
Beautiful and the colors are wonderful for a jewel toned interior.

Get inspiration from fashion!

Even without that fabulous ceiling this is a stunning room. These gemstone colors are perfect when used with browns.

This could be a great do it yourself project.

What a wonderful idea for a jewel inspired Christmas.

If nothing else bring gem tones into your room through window treatments and subtle accessories.

Don't forget how important accessories are!

Grey is another good neutral to use with jewel tones.

This is a gorgeous color combo for you to consider. If you decided to go with creamier walls you could make the  amethyst  pop by using beautiful accessories.

Timothy Corrigan

You won't have any problems finding things to accessorize with. Jewel tones are very popular.

Your exteriors can also benefit from gemstone colors.  Again brown works beautifully with these colors as this bench demonstrates.

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