Thursday, November 1, 2012

Decorating With Topiary.....For Your Home And Gardens

I was surprised to discover that the use of topiary dates back to Roman times. Since it's European revival in the 16th century, topiary has been seen on the terraces and in gardens of the European elite, as well as in simple cottage gardens. Traditional topiary forms use foliage pruned and/or trained into geometric shapes such as balls or cubes,obelisks,  pyramids, cones, or tapering spirals. Artificial topiary is also popular and often used to supply indoor greenery for home or office decoration. I know that many designers won't use silk foliage  I am different. Yes the market is full of cheap and ugly silk stems and foliage. However, there are also some EXCELLENT quality interior landscape products. Since most people cannot afford real flowers on a daily basis and most can't keep live plants healthy (nothing looks worse than straggly, sickly plants) I have no problem using  top quality artificial. So whether real or not, consider topiary to accessorize your home.

You don't have to be as passionate about them as Ed here, but do give topiary a try for your interiors and exteriors.

Silk topiaries are a great decoration option that can fit into multiple designs and landscapes.

Boxwood and yew are used for exterior topiary.

I adore lemon topiary and have used them in my own home.

I used silk topiary as the centerpiece for this dinner party.

This picture and the one below show how herbs can be used in topiary design. Lavender and rosemary are excellent choices.

Ivy is another popular material for creating a topiary.

This is the one way to shape yours into pyramidal forms.

Gardens are beautiful when they incorporate topiary.When it comes to the shapes you can create with sculpted plants, you can let your imagination run wild. Traditional shapes include balls, pyramids, spirals, and cones.

Topiary create such a classic look when flanking the entrance of your home.

If you use artificial, make sure your topiary is made of high quality material.

Add natural beauty to your home without the work associated with live topiary.

I used a casual topiary for the corner of this living room.

This is one of several different topiary forms you can choose from.

Topiary are a simple and inexpensive centerpiece for any wedding.

They are lovely when used singularly.

Another wonderful material for making a topiary is dried roses or other dried flowers.

Don't forget, you can create them from a number of different materials that will coordinate with your occasion.

More herb topiary......perfect for a French country look.

I love topiary grouped together.

Topiary are wonderful additions to you outside entertainment area

Roses are perfect for creating topiary.

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