Thursday, April 4, 2013

Decorating With Antique Needlepoint Purses

As many of you know I love petit point and needlepoint.......pillows, upholstery, wall hangings, any kind of home decor. A lovely piece can bring an old world quality to any room. I collect antique compacts and some of my prettiest are covered in petit point (smaller stitches than needlepoint). I have another item I want to start collecting that will look wonderful displayed with my compacts.......beautiful vintage needlepoint and petit point purses. They are gorgeous, so dainty and elegant. I want to find some, stuff them with batting, and mix them in with the needlepoint pillows on my window box.  There are many other ways to decorate with them. Lay them on tables and vanities, hang them from hooks, use them in vignettes. Also they make wonderful bridal bags. 

I enjoy treasure hunting, and these are next on my list. They can be quite expensive but I have seen them on Ebay for affordable prices. You have to be willing to wait and look for that occasional great deal! There are links listed under some of the images where you can buy them if price is not a problem. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures I have assembled of these fabulous little purses. A post on  petit point compacts will be coming soon!

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