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Ohhhhhh Those Pastel Interiors....

Some sugary sweet pastels are the perfect way to forget the cold winter grays. They can add freshness to any room in which they’re featured so if you want a soft soothing room, use pastels exclusively as your color palette. 

You can use sky blue, sunshiny yellow, and soft spring greens in a mixture to brighten up a dull space and create a subtle rainbow effect, almost as if a prism is casting it’s magical glow around your space. When you choose a neutral color palette for your interior decor, pastel accents can enliven the space using soothing tones.

Pastels are often passed over in the world of design. This is because it is hard to keep a pastel room from becoming too saccharine. The trick is to use pastels judiciously, perhaps picking one decorating component for your pastel, such as only walls or only bedding or having the eye to be able to blend several pastels into the perfect balance. My best advice is when it comes to fabrics and accessories, keep the frills to a minimum and maintain an elegant touch.

Lovely springtime pastels! Select your palette from the SOFT colors of nature. Remember to keep pastels on the softer side.

Use a variety of pastels to make a room more interesting. But it is an art so be selective.

You can't go wrong painting your walls pale French Blue.

This room is a bit over the top but still manages to remain soft and elegant.

Keep it interesting by varying the textures in the space -- velvets, satins, porcelains, all in pastels will look rich and regal.

I don't like the heaviness of the pillows in this room but otherwise love the soft colors.

Pretty pastel florals and  peachy pink walls make this bedroom soft and feminine.

The soft hues enable anyone to add a subtle dose of color to a space without going over the top.

People tend to forget the softer shades of purple when they consider refreshing a room. This is a pretty and well thought out lavender room.

The wall treatment of similarly framed art brings punch to this soft pastel room.

Designers use the barely-there hues to execute spaces with sophistication and chic style.

Remember pastel rooms don't always have to contain pink!

Pastels are soft and they reflect light which help make the room look bigger and lighter.

Pastels make small rooms look spacious.

Soft minty green is the super star in this room's color palette.

This room is definitely "pretty in pink".

When you choose a neutral color palette for your interior decor, pastel accents can enliven the space using soothing tones. 

A fun pastel storage area. A great idea for recycling wooden crates.

Yellow and pink is a lovely pastel combination when used against a white background.

I love soft yellow rooms!

Don't forget your exteriors. Pastels are lovely there too.

Use a pastel theme for your next party!

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