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Monograms.......Decorate Your Interiors With Them

If you want a home to be truly one of a kind, you might consider using monograms to personalize your interiors. Monograms have become very popular and are a fun way to create something unique to only you.

 The use of monograms has a very long history. Human beings were using monograms as a means of identification before they used written language. In ancient times, monograms were used to sign art works or coins. In the middle ages their use spread widely as a signature. It's important to remember that most kings and emperors were not able to write or even to sign their own name! As far back as the 18th c. it became common to mark linens with the initials of their owner, largely in order to identify them as laundering was a collective, communal task. In the 19th c. members of the bourgeoisie were eager to show off their success and power, and embroidered monograms became a symbol of status. The competing talents of embroideresses and the sophistication of their designs made for some true masterpieces 

Today monogramming exists beyond traditional wedding towels and napkins which have been perhaps among the most popular and traditional wedding gifts. Monogramming is available for accent pillows, lampshades, chair backs, window treatments and almost anything else you might want to decorate with. These types of pieces become heirlooms and unique expressions of your own identity. 

As you seek to personalize your home and add small details which reflect your identity, consider selecting monogrammed pieces for use within your home.

It's official, monograms are now in fashion once again. 

I collect antiques and know first hand that anything with monograms or dates add value to any item. What you monogram today will be someones treasure someday!

Monogrammed headboards are popular today.

I know monogramming has always been popular in more traditional home decor, but now monograms are finding their way into younger, more hip homes.

I love tone on tone monograms.

Today it is popular to paint monograms on fabric with stencils and fabric paint.

Monogrammed slip them!

Besides being functional, monogramming is a great way to spruce up your stuff.

It is fun to find monograms on unexpected things........

or in unexpected places.

I love antiques and history so having something monogrammed that has been handed down gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

In the middle ages their use spread widely as a signature. It's important to remember that most kings and emperors were not able to write or even to sign their own name!

Monograms add just a touch of elegance to any item.

I adore these. It's fun to collect linens from flea markets, antique shows, auctions and even garage sales.

A pretty window treatment!

In order to signify power, monograms had to be formal and beautiful thus elaborate models were conceived by calligraphers.

Preppies are partial to monogrammed and engraved items and Lilly Pulitzer home decor is preppy perfection.

Monograms are staples of a Preppy home

One of many ways to decorate your bedroom with monograms.

Beautiful collection of initialed linens give a lush old world feel to this fabulous bed.

Make an unique piece of wall art with your initials. 

Today monograms can be fun and whimsical.

And don't forget to personalize your gardens and patios!!

Monogramming Guidelines:

Traditional three letter monograms feature the last name in the center of the design. The first name initial appears to the left and the middle name initial appears to the right.

Married or engaged couples can use either a two letter monogram or create a new three letter monogram using their shared surname.

Monogramming etiquette for the married couple varies according to the item being monogrammed. For example, bed linens place the woman’s initial first, followed by the couple’s shared surname initial, and then the man’s initial.


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