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Lilly Pulitzer Style Interiors..... Palm Beach Chic

Lilly Pulitzer, a name that has long been recognizable in the fashion world, now has a home collection that will bring her same popular, colorful and playful look to your interiors. It has a somewhat more sophisticated feeling while maintaining her amazing sense of style, and flair for color. 

More than fifty years ago, a wave of bright, bold and unique prints in the form of pink monkeys dancing, green elephants swimming and flowers blooming in rainbow colors hit the American fashion scene. It all started when Lilly Pulitzer, a young, New York socialite, opened a juice stand using produce from a citrus grove owned by the family in Palm Beach in the 1950s. The citrus stains that splashed upon her clothing inspired her to create brightly colored designs to help camouflage those stains. These designs ultimately became the unofficial uniform for the affluent, and Lilly’s signature pink and green colors emerged as the banner of the authentic Palm Beach lifestyle. In 1959, Lilly became president of her own fashion company Lilly Pulitzer, Inc.

The initial style of the Lilly clothing designs were simple shift dresses that appealed to a wealthy client. Because the Lilly style was so strongly associated with blue-blood high society, Lilly Pulitzer became known as the “Queen of Prep”. 

I find this line especially refreshing. Whether you decide to go all out with the prints or do white upholstery with pops of color, Lilly Pulitzer fabrics will  fast track any interior to Palm Beach style.

Homeowners can now "dress"  their homes from ceiling to floor in bright, beautiful prints and patterns. The “Lilly” signature is included into the design of each pattern, which is the hallmark of an authentic Lilly Pulitzer fabric.

The “Old Florida” look, a colorful mix of tropical, preppy and Hollywood Regency.

If you are crazy about colorful interiors, prep style, whimsical prints .....

and good monograms, Lilly Pulitzer's Palm Beach Chic is for you.

 Bright, chic and flirty all at once!

White furniture is a staple of the style.

Lee Jofa debuted their collection of Lilly Pulitzer fabrics from the home in 2011

You now you have "made it" when you have your own Monopoly Game!

With the unique interior design, Lily Pulitzer will showcase the brand's playful use of color and design. 

You will find fun and colorful collections for you bedroom design.

Definitely Old Florida style!

Lilly Pulitzer's name is synonymous with a certain preppy, colorful, easy going lifestyle.

When I see these three colors used to paint interiors my thoughts go to one designer alone....Lilly Pulitzer.

More fun prints. This style is not for the faint of heart!

Some of the newest colors and prints in the line.

The happy prints created by Stephen Elrod, creative director of Lee Jofa will help bring Palm Beach Chic to your interiors.

The Home Collection, exclusively at Lee Jofa features over 40 beautiful prints, colors and patterns, all in bright pinks, orange, turquoise and greens.

A popular Palm Beach Chic looks is all white furniture with loud colors and prints on walls, accessories, and furnishings.

The blue and green color combo is another perennial favorite of the Lilly Pulitzer style.

You will find everything from rugs to shower curtains in the Lilly Pulitzer line.

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