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Decorate Your Interiors With Lattice

Latticework: an open framework of strips of wood, metal, etc, arranged to form an ornamental pattern

Usually associated with the outdoors, lattice can deliver big-time personality to your interiors, without a lot of effort.

Providing both decorative and functional aspects, lattice is an affordable and charming material to use in your interior decor. Whether you use wooden lattice panels, paint, or wallpaper, lattice will bring a hint of the outdoors indoors. Plus it is an easy way to punch up your walls. Traditional lattice prints are more X-based, inspired by outdoor gardens. Contemporary patterns have more intricate, curved shapes, often taking cue from Moorish and Moroccan patterns. Either way you will create an effect that is modern yet classic.


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Lattice sets the stage for this lovely sun room.

You can go over the top or just use touches of lattice to make your rooms stand out.

I remember seeing similar lattice, trellis and cane patterns on fabric and wallpaper back in the 70′s. It has become popular again and looks equally fabulous in interiors from Traditional to Modern Eclectic.

Lattice is often associated with traditional country gardens, it can also be fabulous in interior furnishings as well.

The current reemergence owes a debt to the renewed popularity of David Hicks’s graphic-patterned interiors and Hollywood Regency trellis prints, and the pared-down rococo designs of Marcel Wanders.

Thinking unconventionally, lattice isn't just for walls but can be used on ceilings too.

Inside a home, it brings in the outdoors, adding elegance and sophistication to a room.

Lattice offers an architectural element to your bedroom that will surely create an eye-catching and one-of-a-kind look.

Another pretty example of a lattice inspired ceiling. 

Providing both decorative and functional aspects, lattice is an affordable and charming material to use in your interior decor.

Georgous trompe l'oeil lattice and rose wall treatment.

Attach lattice to the walls in your home to enhance a garden theme or for an unusual look. 

Go bold!!

Or go classic!

A glamorous and historic New Orleans Cottage by Peter Rogers

Using lattice indoors also adds texture to the room and creates a dynamic focal point. Use the lattice on a single wall if you want it to be the focal point, or put it on each wall in the room to use it as an architectural detail.

Lattice inspired accessories.

Trellised garden room by Cullman & Kravis

A mirrored wall will be softened with lattice applied over the mirror.

Panel over a painted wall to give it definition.

Trellis style wallpaper and floral patterns give this bath a garden feel.

You can always upholster furniture or make window treatments from the wide assortment of fabrics available.

The faux-bamboo pattern captures the spirit of the outdoors.

Examples of new lattice wallpaper.

Lattice inspired upholstery fabric.

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