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Tented Ceilings......Add Some Drama To Your Interiors

The tented ceiling, once relegated to the weddings and events, is now showing up in the homes of those dramatic few who are brave enough to give them a try. It takes courage and the desire to stand out in the crowd, but if you like to make a BIG statement.......the tented ceiling is for you. Whether it's the feeling of life under the big top or romance in exotic Morocco that you want to achieve, nothing will put your room over the top like tenting your ceilings. I have put together some images to help you see all the possibilities that are there for you and maybe they will help give you the push you need to get your project started.

With an endless selection of fabrics, trimmings and expert knowledge of installation techniques at your disposal, custom upholstered wall and shirred/tented ceilings can be the ideal solution to a myriad of design challenges.

A tented ceiling gives a room instant pizazz... a fun color or vibrant stripe creates a playful look.

Tenting looks wonderful in an 18th century style interior.

In addition to lending an elegant flair to any room, custom wall upholstery and shirred/tented ceilings can be used to cover structural flaws or correct an existing decorative faux pas (uneven or unfinished surfaces, cracks, stains, etc.).

Tented ceiling were particularly popular in  France and had their origin in the  military camps during the Middle Ages. Napoleon  revived the look during the Napoleonic Wars. They look wonderful in French Directoire style rooms like this bath.

Tenting can take your rooms to new heights!

If you want some tenting but not as an over the top look try tenting the ceiling of your entrance.

Another interesting tented ceiling design to choose from.

Transforming your room into a Moroccan-style Bedouin tent creates a luxurious and exotic space.

Shirred and pleated installation techniques can give the illusion of additional height by drawing the eye upward in a vertical line or by featuring a vibrant sunburst ceiling around the perfect chandelier or lighting fixture.

The appropriate fabric can create a period look to harmonize antiques or create a theme to integrate cultural/exotic/unusual influences.

If the actual tenting is too much for you but you love the look, have a faux tent painted on your ceiling.

The ceiling is an unexpected spot to really make your space shine. .... tented ceilings raise the bar.

A more contemporary style of tented ceiling.

A simple style of ceiling tent but does it ever set off this lovely hallway.

A tented ceiling will definitely create drama!

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