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Decorating Walls With Lacquer For Glamorous High Gloss Interiors

I love the almost liquid look of beautiful lacquered surfaces. And what's a glamorous room without a little sheen? Using lacquer in interiors has become a trend. First we saw it in accent furniture pieces, and now we are seeing it on the walls, ceilings, and our cabinets. Not only does it give a wall some interest, the way it reflects light seems to brighten up a room, as opposed to matte finished walls that just seem to suck it all up! Lacquered walls are a great way to add elegance, depth, and reflection to a space.

Lacquer is a natural substance obtained from the lacquer tree. The tree is indigenous to China, and that is why China leads the world in lacquer resources.Lacquer has been found to have been used in Japan as early as 7000 BC. 

With lustrous depth and a tough-as-nails finish, glossy lacquer elevates furnishings and takes elegant ones over the top. It can give a room depth, style and class, especially when is you use deeper shades of paint. Do you dare use lacquer? Try it and make your walls the envy of all your friends.

While lacquered walls are not yet mainstream, we are seeing examples of mirror-like finishes from New York-based designers.

Deep aubergine high gloss lacquered walls in a dining room.

Designer Miles Redd was one of the first designers to bring he lacquered finish into the spotlight. 

Shiny lacquered walls and ceilings popped up Spring 2011, now we are seeing more and more of them.

Black, charcoal, navy and other dark hues have an inherent glamour and mystique that lacquer amplifies 10-fold.

Lacquered walls instantly invigorate an entire room with drama.

The red walls in this living room were high octane to begin with; lacquer kicked them into overdrive.

Lacquer dries quickly to a very hard, durable finish, making it ideal for high-traffic rooms.

Lacquered walls add a sense of luxury and whimsy.

Lacquered walls are great for small spaces because of the reflective quality which helps the room seem larger, and it also creates more luminosity so you can get away with using darker colors.

This lacquered ceiling creates a mirror effect.

The way light shimmers off lacquered walls at night in a room is impossible to achieve with any other finish.

Take a look at this gorgeous lacquered ceiling. It feels refined, classic, glamorous and unexpected all at once.

There's something magnetic about that inimitable patent leather shine of lacquer.

These black lacquered walls with white trim and accessories are reminiscent of Dorothy Draper.

I think lacquered walls are worth it for all the drama and interest that they add.

Fabulous brown lacquered walls!

One thing to keep in mind when incorporating this trend into your home is the condition of your existing walls. They must be in good shape to pull this look off, otherwise lacquer will show every flaw.

Lacquered walls may not be for the decorating faint of heart, but they sure can create unforgettable, dramatic rooms. While the process is more labor-intensive than other finishes, the end result packs a punch that eggshell or semi-gloss just can’t match.

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