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Decorate Your Interiors With Treillage

Treillage: French, from Old French treille, bower supported by trelliswork

I love the way trelliswork or lattice makes a room instantly look like an elegant conservatory.Treillage is French for trelliswork although the meaning is more complex. Treillage refers to trellis of a highly developed form both artistically and architecturally. The Dutch and French achieved a high level of refinement in earlier centuries, creating arbors, galleries, summerhouses and more with a keen eye for proportion and decoration.

At the turn of the century, it was first introduced to America by decorator Elsie de Wolfe in her Trellis Room at the Colony Club. In the 1930s, the use of Chinoiserie bamboo and lattice found a glamorous spot in the houses of the Hollywood Regency Style. And, today the trellis motif is still a favorite of the country's best decorators.
I hope this blog will introduce you again to this lovely design element.

This post is dedicated to more decorative trellis design.  My next post will focus on lattice, which  falls under the definition of trelliage, but stands on it's own.


An 18th Century inspired églomisé glass garden mural created to line the walls of a dining room. The mirrors with trellis work are also executed in églomisé. 

David Easton

It’s flat but looks trompe l’oeil. It’s durable, so easy to clean. Voila, an architectural statement in an instant and on a budget.

Gorgeous ceiling bordered with a vine covered trellis.

From The French Archive of Design and Decoration, David Hurbert's Tangier veranda with trompe l'oeil trellis painted by Lawrence Mynott.


I love the large, over the top trellis wallpaper!

Thibaut Spring Lake Bamboo Trellis Wallpaper in Coral. This represents the more modern approach to trellis inspired interiors.

Headboards are a fun way to bring some  treillage into your interiors You can make it modern by playing with the shape and the color.

This lattice inspired chair is perfect against today's version of treillage wallpaper.

This treillage layered Kelly Wertzler designed interior is covered in a fabulous wallpaper. Add in the chair and the carpet and you have a room that would make anybody green with envy.



There are so many lovely treillage inspired wallpapers to choose from today.

Living room with Kelly Wearstler parchment midnight imperial trellis pattern on chairs.

Treillage upholstered headboards are a great way to freshen up a bedroom. There are many elegant or fun patterns to choose from.

Or you can create the fabric by stenciling a pattern.

This Wall Trellis stencil is a relatively new pattern and is used within a wonderful neutral scheme above. The interior design is by Julie Couch Interiors and the photo is courtesy of photographer Caroline Allison. 

This picture and the one below use the same treillage pattern in different ways.

The marble sink in the powder room of a home in Florida is set into an antique Victorian faux-bamboo dressing table. The walls are papered in Lyford Trellis by China Seas.


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