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Decorate Your Kitchen With Two-Tone Cabinets

Mixing and matching colors with two-tone kitchen cabinets is a great way to add interest and update your kitchen. This look started trending a few years ago and seems to be maintaining it's popularity. Lending to the well received idea is the fact that it is such an affordable way to give existing cabinets an instant facelift with just paint, brush, and creative juices.

My favorite configuration for the two-toned kitchen is light colored cabinets on top and dark on the bottom as the darker color on the bottom best anchors the room. However, this trend allows for your own personality and taste to shine through giving your kitchen a distinct style of its own. Another common configuration is cabinets one color and an island or other stand-out item a different color. Larger kitchens with islands are natural fits for two-tone kitchen.

Is two-toned kitchen cabinets just a trend or will it be a timeless look? My favorite kitchens have stand alone cabinets instead of traditional ones. To me it makes for a much more warm and interesting space.This trend of painting cabinet sections separately affords homeowners the chance to make their kitchens look more like these timeless images......

to help create the illusion of stand-alone furniture pieces.

I believe the two-toned cabinet look for the kitchen will stay with us as long as we pay attention to overall design and make good color choices. So I say give this easy makeover a try if you are considering a kitchen update.

Jack Thompson

Whether it is the desire to restore a vintage kitchen........

via pinterest

or bring the vintage feel to a modern interior, the warmth of painted two-tone cabinets helps to manifest the look.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Whether you choose bold contrasting colors or subtle shade variations, applying two-tone colors on your kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen design depth and character.

Even bright colors, not typically thought of for kitchens, seem to take on a more traditional look when mixed and matched like the ivory and chartreuse cabinets in this two-toned kitchen

The black and white painted two-toned combination works perfectly! Or you can pair white cabinets with ebony wood - very chic.

The spotlight is on vintage charm in this kitchen with red and ivory two-toned cabinetry

James E. Howard

Some homeowners prefer the darker of the two-tone combination color on top and the lighter on the bottom. This can cause the space to look top heavy so be sure and bring balance via your accessories, etc.

Sometimes you can bring the two-toned look to just a portion of your cabinets. This looks good especially in  a smaller kitchen.

Two-toned cabinet treatment is an interesting way to bring old world into a more modern kitchen. I love the cabinet!!

Another version of two-tone kitchen kept in subtle colors so it doesn't look to choppy.

The Lettered Cottage

Grey and white is always a pretty choice for a kitchen sporting  two-toned cabinets.

This design trend works well in all types of kitchen ....... old world, country, tradition and modern.

Phoebe Howard

The two-toned kitchen cabinet look can be acheived with painted and natural wood as well.

Timothy Corrigan

As the average kitchen size is increasing, homeowners are choosing to add additional colors to their color scheme. Two-toned cabinetry is the perfect solution. Here is a lovely example......ivory cabinets and a celadon island.

A common two-tone configuration is kitchen cabinets one color and an island or other stand-out item a different color.

In a two-toned kitchen using a color different from the cabinets on the island can give the impression that the island was added at a later time, much like mis-matched furniture being added to the room piece by piece.

source unknown

This pretty kitchen with it's blue and ivory two-toned cabinets is enhanced even more with the addition of blue matching chairs.

via pinterest

Blue and white is always a good timeless choice for a two-toned kitchen look.

James E. Howard

This homeowner has chosen to use two-toned cabinets but in different shades of the same color. This is a good idea for those who want this look in their kitchens without too much contrast.

Charcoal gray kitchen cabinets and white island equals a lovely kitchen!

There are many ways to incorporate the two-tone cabinet look into your kitchen. It is a lovely trend that is worthy of consideration.

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