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Decorating With Malachite

Last year emerald green was Pantone's color of the year so decorating with malachite was sure to become a trend. However for those of us who love classic design, malachite is always in style and the perfect touch to add to a collected, entertaining interior.This unique accent is so visually exciting with it's swirling pattern that makes for a great conversation piece.

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Malachite is a beautiful stone with an intense green color. The word "malachite" is a derivative of the Greek word for mallow-green stone, referring to the mineral's resemblance to the mallow plant. It has long been revered for its varied color and texture and prized as a decorative stone. Malachite is often found in copper mines and is currently mined in many places around the world including Russia, Africa and North America, but the best material comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

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Malachite has always been a sign of wealth and status. Russia’s Romanov family was the first to use Malachite in interior decoration. The Winter Palace in Russia even has an entire room called the Malachite Room. Since the "real thing" isn't always affordable, today many decorators are using faux malachite in their clients homes to give them the look of elegance and sophistication that malachite can instantly bring to a room. At the end of the post are some links to tutorials that can show you how to dress up your own home with this technique.

The Winter Palace at St. Petersburg, Russia.....

and it's famous Malachite Room.

Robert Zellinger de Balkany

Malachite looks wonderful with many colors but there is something special about it paired with red and gold!

If you want to incorporate actual malachite into your interiors you might try this is a gorgeous malachite sink from the Sherle Wagner Collection.

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For the serious collector there are beautiful genuine malachite pieces to be purchased at auction or in antique stores.

If you want just a bit of malachite, start a small desktop collection. 

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Or start a collection of beautiful malachite clocks 


Malachite boxes are also sought after collectibles.

Genuine malachite is very expensive but here is an alternative.

Thanks to designer Tony Duquette for the popularity of faux malachite. He designed wonderful fabrics, wallpaper, and furniture in the pattern. The following are images from his Dawnridge Estate and they show his extensive use of faux malachite.

Tony Duquette's Dawnridge with it's fabulous faux malachite walls.

The Adventures of Tartanscot blog

Malachite inspired rugs and fabrics in Duquette's home.

Malachite covered pillows  take center stage in Duquette's home.

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My favorite is the wonderful faux malachite painted French desk.

Duquette faux malachite side tables -  top view

Beautiful Malachite fabric on this Louis XV style chair.

Loving this faux malachite ceiling treatment.

You can also apply the faux technique to your millwork. I marbleized all the trim in the hallway of my 120 year old home and it makes a huge statement. It is easier than you think and I am sure this would be too.

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Wallpaper manufacturers offer many selections of malachite patterns.

This is a great pattern for smaller spaces as it is a bit overwhelming when used to paper larger areas. It can quickly become too much of a good thing.

Wallpaper from Cole and Sons, England.

Maybe you want your version on this pattern underfoot.
From the top: “Kerkyra” from Marjorie Skouras Design; “Mineral Floor Canvas” from Tozai Home; “Malachite,” the Tony Duquette Collection from Roubini Rugs

Malachite patterned  Roman Shades is another good idea

Neiman Marcus

These fabulous dishes are hand-crafted  Limoges porcelain and have 24-karat gold detailing.

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A malachite mirror is a great way to freshen up your bath or powder room.

Malachite patterned fabric is a sure way to make a statement at your windows. Of course there is the Tony Duquette line but here are others as well.

There are many wonderful faux malachite decorative accessories to be found in home decor stores.

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Whether you desire your interiors to be decorated in an eclectic, collected,  Tony Duquette style......

or that of Kelly Wearstler's modern chic, malachite will not let you down in the much sought after "wow factor"

If you are interested in trying your hand at faux malachite painting here are some tutorials that will help you.   This is the one I plan to use as I like the randomness of the design.

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