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Decorating Grown Up Pink Bedrooms

The pink bedroom is no longer only associated with little girl themes of Princesses, Barbie, Hello Kitty, or tons and tons of ruffles and lace. They have grown up to become modern and chic, classic and elegant...... beautiful places that women can feel good about relaxing in. The pink bedroom can still be feminine without being too girly, and that suits the men in our lives as most will tell you that they are not enthralled with that look anyway. If you want a pink bedroom by all means have one, just make it sophisticated and charming. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Charlotte Moss

Remember that wallpaper is a wonderful alternative to just painting the walls of your bedroom pink. Here the pink flowers in the wallpaper set the stage. Add in this beautiful bed, curtained in pink and you have an elegant oasis.

This Charles Faudree bedroom features pink toile de jouy on the Lit a la Polonaise
 and several other patterns for interest.

Pink is a non-threatening color and has been proven to help people feel calmer. Pink is often used to create a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

Even though the walls are white, this bedroom has a pink room feel because of the multi pink pattern mix. It is proven that pink and green are pleasing to the eye.

Another interesting  and well done pink patterned  bedroom.

Robert Bergero painted the ornamental trimmings on the walls of this lovely pink bedroom.

via pinterest

This is such a pretty pattern combination. The large pink damask like wallpaper is center stage and supported beautifully by the bed linens.

Black and pink bedrooms can be sultry but tend to look too youthful sometimes if you use polka dots or geometrics. Try something more grown up like this if you want your bedroom to sizzle.

If you don't want your room saturated in pink, try a subtle wallpaper that can still give you your pastel fix.

Pink can be soft and romantic and is great for making your skin look it's best. Just find a shade that's not overly sweet.

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Keep it fresh and clean with lots of white for smart, fresh feel. This is a nice mix of antiques and modern acrylic.


Joan Rivers Country Home

The color pink will also look great if used together with other shades of pink. This monochromatic look will still be on the softer side and will create a warm look.

Wonderful old world pink bedroom.

 The palest of pink walls supplies the perfect backdrop in this French inspired bedroom. Grey and green are two wonderful colors to accompany pink

The pink walls and this wonderful mirrored bed with it's tufted headboard make this bedroom a current and chic space.

Chinoiserie wallpaper in pink with the same color on pillows and odd pieces of upholstery......perfection.

Raspberry is a great pink and this striped wallpaper is run on the horizontal (a technique called "railroading"). It adds modern glamour yet maintains a cozy feel.

Pairing light pink with tan creates coziness and warmth.

Encore Construction

Pink can also be modern, classy, clean, and stylish, particularly if you’re considering a light pink room. It all depends on how you accessorize.

Remember there are other many ways to give your bedroom a large dose of pink without becoming overwhelmed. The rug is the focal point and brings the feel of a pink room. The addition of the accessories causes the eye to move upwards and adds pops of the color on  a different level.

Pink Chinoiserie panels act as a headboard and work well with the pillows to give the feel of having a pink bedroom.

This colorful throw and the flowers are all you need to give this room a "think pink" feel.

The same goes for the curtained bed and upholstered bench. Just alittle pink sometimes goes a long way.

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