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Decorating With Mint Green

Once associated with baby showers, mint green burst into adulthood alittle over a year ago and has been growing in popularity ever since. Mint is versatile and as you will discover while viewing the images I have posted for you, it can be cool and refreshing as well as warm and charming. I hope this post will give you something to think about if you are considering a make over and have never been properly introduced to mint green.


Mint green is the perfect pastel combination of youthfulness, elegance and vibrance.

First let us look at Mint's warmer side

Jacques Garcia

Mint has always had the ability to create antiquity without appearing aged. The backdrop of these wonderful mint green library shelves is perfect for shades of pink.

Howard Slatkin

When combined with darker colors mint becomes warm and invigorating.

via pinterest

via pinterest

Mint, soft blue and muted reds...always a great combination.

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Lemon and mint.......luscious!

Jacques Garcia

Mint is a color that works wonderfully with charming Cottage interiors.

source unknown

Mint and cream buffalo checks take center stage in this lovely bedroom.

via pinterest

Mint is a solid choice for someone who wants to bring color to their decor without it being too much of an attention-grabber. The striped window treatments and pretty patterned pillows are just the right touch.

Now for Mint's refreshing side

When set against the shiny surfaces of metal, mint brings refreshment.

The coolness of mint emerges when used with a grey walls and black damask print pillows. The silvered sunburst mirror pushes the cool factor even further.

The punch of mint upholstered Versailles chairs and the zebra rug bring energy to this room.

The glass table, mirror, and this cool shade of pink all help to make this mint and white room cool and refreshing.

When paired with white refreshing mint really lets it's cool side shine.

Atlanta Homes Magazine

Again mint is great at adding color without dominating the scene.

No matter how you decide to use it mint green is a lovely color to decorate with. This room has a wonderful mix of patterns.

via pinterest

Stick to using small burst of the brighter color against the larger surfaces of mint.

The mint Paris dining room decorated by antiques dealers Françoise and Yves Gastou.

source unknown

Colors in the orange family look good with mint. Here is an example of how pretty it looks when used with soft coral.

And the bright orange looks equally fabulous.

Chateau de la Verrerie

If you don't want a room totally saturated with mint...... can be mixed with brighter colors to add a fruity punch to one’s decor like the Sitting Area in the Queen's quarters in Hampton Court Palace

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