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The Pineapple Decor Trend......Something Old Is New Again!

The use of this exotic fruit in decorating is a prime example of the "fashion-led interior". We have seen pineapples adorning the fashion runways en mass and now this tropical element has worked it's way into home decor too. However it is not a new thing. Decorating with pineapples has been around for a long time thanks to early American colonists who used this fruit as a symbol of wealth and hospitality. They were imported from the Caribbean and were a rare commodity so when guests would be served these treats or see them used as centerpieces, they looked on it as a sign of hospitality, much like they did the pine cone, thus establishing the pineapple as a welcoming symbol. It has been a standard for decorating from the US and European for centuries.

There are three styles to choose from when decorating with pineapples. 

1. Tropic-Cool This is the style for those wanting to embrace the colorful, energetic, tropical trend at home. Bright colors, palms, pineapples, exotic flowers,and brightly colored birds are flamboyantly printed onto fabrics, ceramics and just about everything else.

2. Tropical Colonial The tropical trend is not all about wild colors and can be embraced as part of a relaxed Colonial villa vibe with crisp white fabrics, low key palm or pineapple prints and natural materials such as rattan furniture, natural fabric flooring such as sisal, hardwood floors, bamboo blinds and wooden plantation shutters.

3. Classic This style is never trendy, but is a well established design element in architecture, ceramics, and art. Imagine pineapples carved into woodwork or a high-relief pineapple set inside the split pediment of a door. This style will feature a silver tea caddy with a finial in the form of an ivory pineapple with a little silver crown on top. Or maybe molded mortar pineapples on gate posts of historic homes. This style is gracious and elegant and has more of an old world feel.

However you decide to incorporate it into your home, from wallpaper and carpet to vases and lighting, pineapple decor has become a major high-end home designer trend.

The Pineapple at Dunmore Park, Scotland

The Pineapple is an elaborate summerhouse of two storeys, built for the 4th Earl of Dunmore. Sailors would put a pineapple on the gatepost to announce their return home. Lord Dunmore, who was fond of a joke, announced his return more prominently.

Arlington Pictures

Like I said the pineapple motif is a perennial favorite.

The iconic pineapple, symbol of hospitality, used as a door knocker.

Pineapples carved into shutters would have passersby know this was a hospitable home.

via pinterest

Today there are wonderful pillows featuring the pineapple motif that can be used to freshen up your decor.

For a statement wall, try one of the trendy new papers featuring the pineapple.

Pineapple decor is easy to find due to it's current popularity.

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This homeowner has chosen to use the pineapple decor in a more Tropical Colonial style.

source unknown

I have one of these in my kitchen as I prefer this type of pineapple accessory.

Martha Stewart Living

Another use of pineapple wallpaper for a statement wall.

Since brass has made a comeback it is natural for us to see brass pineapple decor.

Lamps are a good way to bring the pineapple into your interiors without making too much of a splash. 

Ceramic versions are popular too.

I have had the pineapples in urns above my mantle for years. Pineapple decor is classical as far as I am concerned.

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Pineapple stencils are a fun way to update a tired piece of furniture.

Lilly Pulizter "Spike the Punch" fabric

A pop of turquoise via ceramic pineapples.

Reminiscent of the brass pineapple decor of the 70's this retro look is back but with fabrics and other elements that make it fresh and energized.

This style calls for color and whimsy. Remember decorating against scale is another trend.....loving the big pineapple!!

Tommy Hillfiger

The brighter the pineapple fabrics and accessories, the better for this decorating trend.

The pineapple decor trend is not just for the interior....take them outside in the form of lighting, stone sculptures and garden elements.

Now that's just wrong!!!

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