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Decorating With Turquoise

Turquoise started trending in 2010 as Pantones Color of the Year and still has a legion of fans. Turquoise has always seemed deep and mysterious to me.....much like the sea I guess. But at the same time it is almost playful and can make any room seem lively and happy. Because it has both warm and cool undertones, turquoise can work with just about every other color. It looks great on it’s own or paired with other brights. Decorating with turquoise can be vibrant, unique, tranquil or radiant. You can decorate with turquoise in classic and traditional areas or modern-day, contemporary rooms. And there are so many lovely shades and intensities to choose from ranging from the softer aquamarine, duck egg side to the deeper more powerful shades.

This blog post will be focusing on the vibrant side of turquoise and whether you choose to totally saturate your interior or only accent one wall, true turquoise is a real attention getter so be sure to exercise caution.

Turquoise has a fresh and energetic quality that definitely says welcome.

I love the way turquoise suggests old world antiquity as well as a fresh modern approach to decorating.

Turquoise trellis design wallpaper makes a great statement in this lovely living room. The carpet looks like an extension of the outside aquatic view.

This is just quirky enough for me to like!!! Using a bright and bold color with elegance is all about balance. Try and repeat turquoise in several places so as to achieve a sense of balance.

The Turquoise Drawing Room at Castle Howard

Paint your walls turquoise if your furniture is neutral or if you want to make a huge impact in the room.

There are many ways to accent with turquoise. Through chandeliers,

pretty patterned turquoise pillows, and paper,

lamps, or other accessories...........

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz

it's just amazing what a few well -placed touches of turquoise can do for a room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Stefanidis

Lovely traditional turquoise living room with vibrant wall wallpaper. As you can see turquoise is a good background for pastels.

An elegant room covered in a tone one tone turquoise paper. I happen to prefer wallpaper to painted walls when it comes to the color turquoise.

via pinterest

Red and turquoise work well together to create an energetic interior.

This is a vibrant turquoise room with Dorothy Draper style mirror and display cabinet.

Turquoise console and lacquered screen sets the stage for an exciting and contemporary space. The pop of red does the rest.

Mrs Blandings Blog

Turquoise seems to bring a sense of antiquity to a room.

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Like many vibrant colors, turquoise is most often used on an accent wall or in other similar ways like the interior of display cabinets.

Yellow is a great companion to turquoise.

Yellow and turquoise rooms usually have a sense of calm about them.

Thomas Britt's famous turquoise kitchen

Sometime one accent wall is all you need. The fisherman's light is the perfect touch.

The bath seems to be a good choice for a turquoise makeover. I love the mermaid scale tiles.

This combination of colors, especially when used with silver metal, plays up cool side of turquoise.

Pink is another good choice to use alongside of turquoise.

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This classic turquoise tufted headboard looks chic and modern when combined with grey and eggplant.

White furnishings pop beautifully against turquoise.

Ellen Hamilton

Turquoise and coral are colors that are frequently used together in jewelry. This combination also is very complimentary when used in home decor.

Kendall Wilkinson

Another fabulous orange and turquoise room. This color is a good choice if you are thinking about lacquering your walls.

Kelly Wearstler

Here an interesting pattern is used above the turquoise molding. You can try this with the space above or below your chair railing.

Jim Thompson

Turquoise can serve as a great neutral. While I am not crazy about he brown chairs, the bright colored art is stunning against these turquoise walls.

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