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Decorate Your Kitchen With An Unique Work Table

No matter what the style of your kitchen, having an extra work table available comes in handy. The kitchen work table has been around as early as the 18th century and even though many people like the kitchen island, I prefer the work table. I have friends that have islands covered with expensive granite that don't really enjoy them as work tables because the more you have paid for your table, the more nervous you will be about using it. I like a table you can be comfortable with so your cooking can be enjoyable.

This post is dedicated to the rustic work table....the one that makes your kitchen comfortable, cozy, and unique. There is a vast selection of work tables available if you will take the time to visit antique and collectible malls, vintage shops and maybe you will get lucky at a thrift shop or yard sale. My work table came from the foyer of an old church. There are also many things that can be repurposed and turned into work tables from old doors to antique dressers.

Have fun with your kitchen and find yourself a practical table that you will enjoy and all your cooking endeavors will be more fun. You should have no problem finding a table that fits your lifestyle, your space, and your taste in kitchens whether it is French Country or Contemporary.

The Breakers

Now that is my idea of a work table!! Seriously though, you can have a one of a kind yourself....just go out and find it!

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Think outside the box when selecting a work table. This homeowner is using some kind of a bin that has a hinged top and can open for storage.

This old piece has been fitted with a butcher's block top.

Country Sampler

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This work table consists of two identical antique dressers.

A kitchen work table whose painting is distressed is another alternative.

Or try a cute painted antique chest.

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I adore this work table with it's zinc trim. You never know what you will find until you go treasure hunting!

The right table can integrate numerous bins, drawers, and other storage space.

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A simple work table with an open base is an attractive alternative.

I love this one!

A French farm table to enhance a kitchen decor and add a functional work space.

This table design is perfect for kitchen work. It has room for storage below, and looks wonderful and unique.

You might even want to add a skirt to your table.

An old counter is another idea for a unique island work table. If you do decide to use an island in you kitchen, just try to make it interesting and unique instead of the cookie cutter variety!!

A great use for old windows!

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