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Decorating With Chinese Garden Seats

Designed over 1000 years ago, the Chinese Garden Seat has never really gone out of fashion. In fact you are still seeing them used in today's interiors whether Traditional, Bohemian, Eclectic or even ultra Contemporary. These beautiful ceramic seats can be used in so many ways in almost every room in your interior. I think their versatility is what fuels their continual popularity. Beautiful, practical, and  low maintenance......what more could you ask for! Use them as extra seating, indoors or out, or as an end table, portable accent table, or let them have the spotlight as an accent feature. Definitely take the garden seats out of the garden and into your home! 

The original antique "zuodun," a Chinese barrel seat, was a drum made with stretched skin tops held by nails and trimmed with nail heads. Many modern seats have a row of round bumps that imitate old nail heads. They really became popular in the American design scheme in the 1950's and still remains one of the most popular, useful and versatile pieces of indoor/outdoor furniture around.

Since they are highly glazed they work  inside and out.

Traditional blue and white garden seats used as end tables in this Tory Burch designed room.

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Here the garden seat is used as a lovely accent piece.

Once made almost exclusively of glazed stoneware or porcelain and painted with feminine floral patterns on a white ground, the garden seat has kept pace with modern times. 

Today you can find ceramic garden seats sheathed in shimmering gold .......

or silver metallic paint.

Beautiful Chinese porcelain garden seat.

Available in a wide variety of brightly colored ceramic, a garden seat can inject any space with a much needed pop of color and life.

There are many styles to choose from but a consistent design feature is the fretwork or pierced motif.

Colefax and Fowler

Chinese garden seats have been a staple of the classical home for years.

And now, open almost any design magazine or home decor catalog and there they are….. Chinese garden seats in every color of the rainbow adding a decorative touch to patios, living rooms, bedrooms, home offices and baths.

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Here the garden seats are used in a living room as a coffee table

Vintage Chinese Garden Seat

Miles Redd

Use a stylish garden seat as extra seating, indoors or out.

A beautiful garden seat will add pizzazz to your decor, and could be that one extra “something” you have always been looking for.

Today garden seats can be made from porcelain, pottery, plastic, rattan and even plaster.

The small, yet sturdy size of the garden seat makes the perfect end table or corner table.

I love these beautiful white Chinese garden seats. Here they are perfect as tables in front of the sofa.

If you prefer a more natural look, there are garden seats for you to choose from as well.

These garden seats are especially pretty and shows you why they are such nice accents. They are the perfect way to bring a pop of color to your space.

Nothing beats a garden seat for your outside entertainment areas!

These wonderful garden seats serve so many purposes. I love the larger ones used as a table base.

Vintage Chinese Garden Seat

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