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The Beauty Of Weathered Interiors

Most people call it weathered, however I prefer the term "beautifully aged". Weathered, grayed, distressed interiors are still a very strong trend and lend to the popularity of French influence into our interior decor.

Weathered surfaces add a sense of grandeur to a room yet can keep a space from feeling too formal. Salvage plays an important part in the weathered room. Invest in some good weathered architectural pieces. Their imperfections and patina will add a unique dimension to any design. Also in terms of furniture, purchase some antiques or distress some vintage pieces to make them look more aged. It's fun to do and you can create a family heirloom. If you try adding elements with a history your home will be unique and not of the cookie cutter variety. 

With so many good faux painting techniques you can obtain a weathered look to suit your style and taste. The amount of weathering that looks best depends on your interior design and your surrounding decor. With the right techniques, a variety of looks can be created. Go for walls that looks slightly antique to those that appear severely weathered. 

It's a beautiful look, there is no doubt about it. Plus classic looks never really go out of style.

Enjoy the music while you visit!

Beautiful weathered grey, complete with medallion....what more can you ask for.

Anthropologie Catalog Cover

I adore hot pink used with grey weathered walls, wood, etc. It is just such a lovely look.

You can't beat a weathered wall that looks like the stucco has worn off. The texture it provides is priceless

With most weathered walls on the grey side, this bath room with it's colorful yet weathered appearance is refreshing.

If you want the element of reclaimed wood in your home but are not up for a renovation, you can bring it in with furniture and accessories.

Soft blush weathered walls give this pretty bedroom it's charm. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

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Painted brick is lovely when the paint begins to wear away. And that door!!!

Elegant antique furniture looks wonderful when used with distressed and weathered walls, ceilings and floors.

Actor Gerard Butler's NY apartment via has an ancient weathered appeal that can really be masculine and perfect for a man's home. 

For an  instant weathered look consider sourcing reclaimed wood. These boards come from torn-down barns, homes or even factories. The old house I remodeled in the 80's had hardwood floors in every room but the kitchen. My husband and I found a farmhouse that was being torn down and salvaged the hardwood floors.

Beautiful weathered boiserie!

Rustic and weathered yet so elegant. People are paying alot of money to get their walls to look like this.

Priceless antiques act as supporting cast to these wonderful weathered paneled walls.

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Weathered walls have a unique quality that can really add character, elegance, and refinement to a room.

Weathered interiors can be very feminine as well.......just depends on the furniture you choose.

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I love the feeling of antiquity the weathered walls, floors, and furniture bring to  this space.

Belgian house by Claude Smekens.  The wonderful weathered shutters are perfect for this casual interior.The character and charm that imperfect, weathered wood adds to interiors is simply unrivaled.

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If you don't want to totally commit to a weathered look, just try adding a door, shutters, or a piece of furniture.

source unknown

I can't say enough about the beautiful weathered paneling in this room. Not to mention the table!!

Even thought they seem like total opposites, pair crystal with weathered elements for a beautiful casual elegant look.

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Stunningly beautiful distressed walls with antique Italian dressing table and vintage Venetian glass mirror.

By Baltimore’s Artstar Custom Paintwork with Interior Design by Patrick Sutton.

Faux weathering is an option for a new home. There are many techniques....all with pleasing results!!

In order to find weathered furniture and accessories with that wonderful patina, you have to get out and go treasuring hunting. You can't find this look in a furniture store!! Have fun!!

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