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Home Decor Trend......Decorating With Insects.

Nature was the inspiration for much of the home interior trends in 2013 and insect inspired collections were at the forefront. Still making it's presence know at this years Dallas Market, the trend is going strong. Insects are hot....on the runways and in room design, so all those with entomophobia
 will need counseling if you are going to ride this current decorating wave.
Actually insect decor isn't anything new......the Victorians loved their taxidermy and insect collections which were given prominent position in parlors across England and America. There are still beautiful insect inspired porcelain pieces in antique shops today bringing hefty prices.

My father owned a pest control business so I was brought up with the idea that the goal was to send insect invaders packing. I wonder what he would think today seeing them as welcomed guests......with places of honor no less. Now you can see ant infested lampshades, beetle wallpaper, and bumblebees and butterflies for the bedroom. These are the kind of insects you do want in your home however. Actually many insects are quite beautiful and can add an unique surprise and bit of interest to home decor or personal styling.

A bit of caution.....don't get "cutesy" with this trend even though it is somewhat whimsical. That tendency ruins many good design ideas. You can have fun with the insect trend while keeping a certain amount of refinement and restraint. And please killing these creatures to fuel your decorating needs!!!

Enjoy this whimsical song .......this is a style that you must have fun with.

Perfectly painted ants on fine china.

I am currently having a "real life" crisis with these little guys so this isn't very humorous at present!!!!

Displaying insect pictures as part of a set is a lovely way to incorporated them into your home.

source unknown

Insect accessories are a great way to spice up living spaces from modern to traditional. 

via pinterest

 If this trend is a hard one for you, this would be a great place to start. It is simple, elegant, and not overwhelming at all.

The Preying Mantis is the star of this insect inspired plate. I like him!!!

Just one big statement. This is my favorite way to decorate with this insect trend.

 Bringing the beauty of the outdoors in is not limited only to flora.

Beetles are said to symbolize protection, simplicity and progress.

An upholsered piece like this makes it easy to get over the creepy factor of insect inspired interiors. Some insects are especially pretty and their presence will add flair to a room. I like this colorful chair!

Insects take center stage on the wall above this desk.

Unique insect accessories like these are sure to start a conversation.

Alessandra Branca

I like this simple use of preserved butterflies in elegant glass domes. According to Branca these were found in Paris. If other insects are too creepy for you, butterflies may be the answer.

DC Design House By Marika Meyer

Shelves are great for displaying insects!

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Entomology in decor has always been a popular subject for prints.

Make sure not to go overboard with the insect  look. This is a trend that needs restraint. A focal point or a few scattered "crawlers" placed strategically is all you really need.

This room is successful because of the use of a somewhat nondescript butterfly patterned wallpaper with a statement piece in the form of the large single insect.

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Great insect pictures.

Butterflies and other little insects randomly flying all over the plates and dishes is a popular look at present.

The walls come alive in this colorful butterfly inspired room.

Butterfly pillow cover by secdus on Etsy

Pillows are a great way to be part of the insect trend without a huge commitment. And there are gorgeous ones out there to choose from!

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Karen Robertson

A butterfly collection goes hand in hand with other natural elements on his gallery wall.

Maybe your style of joining  the insect trend is one of the wonderful pieces by American sculptor Mike Libby in his studio, Insect Lab.  Displayed under a spotlight, this would be a conversation piece!

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I like this beautifully etched glass door featuring various kinds of beetles.

Nina Campbell Wallpaper

If you want to go the way of the Victorians, try a small insect collection or two. But don't kill them for your collection. Instead look for vintage collections, find dead ones to display, or go the faux direction.

Curtain from West Elm

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I have always liked this pretty bathroom featuring a very tasteful display of butterflies.

John Derian in the Astier booth - 11" Round Black and White Insects at Maison Gift Show in Paris this year. The spider would be too much for me!

Last but not LEAST, designer Maximo Riera's Rhinoceros Beetle chair.  Now this would definitely make a statement in an insect themed room.

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I have always thought this was a pretty bathroom featuring very tasteful display of butterflies

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