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Decorating With Paisley

Paisley has been a popular interior design motif for decades. It is a perennial favorite that never seems to go out of style. Prior to it's use in home decor, paisley was a much-loved motif in the fashion world and was particularly popular during the "Summer of Love", and heavily identified with psychedelic style. I remember as a young girl wearing paisley and feeling so "groovy"!

Resembling a twisted teardrop, the kidney-shaped paisley is of Iranian and Indian  origin, but its western name derives from the town of Paisley in West Scotland, a center for textiles where paisley designs were produced.

The designs come in various colors you will certainly love. And in the right colors for your room, paisley can lift the spirit and give the room a fresh, bright feeling. Or it can bring a textured elegance when presented in neutral tones.You will be impressed on how a simple paisley can breathe fresh life into your interiors.

There are many different ways to incorporate paisley patterns into your home. Here the walls are covered in fabric. Even though there is a saturation of paisley, it is done very well.

Paisley pattern can be statement enough without adding anything else. Use other textural patterns instead.

If you want just a little bit of this exotic motif, consider pillows or a throw.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design

Or why not try paisley window treatments.

Benny Jackson Designs

Paisley can add a playful quality to almost any surface.

When paired with a more neutral room, this beautiful pattern can make a gorgeous statement.

Paisley can add richness to your room. To keep it from becoming overwhelming just keep the rest of your room simple and clean. Also don’t be afraid to use a bold pattern in a small room. 

A small powder room is a great place to experiment with a bold paisley pattern. Small rooms can benefit from large pattern.

via pinterest

This pattern fits in both modern and traditional interiors and can create handsome effects when paired with plaid fabrics, floral print fabrics, or even animal print fabrics. 

Allessandra Branca

This design is great with  modern color combinations.

Or as in this case, it is used with more traditional colors such as this bedroom by Barclay Butera with Plaid & Paisley Bedding and Paisley Wallpaper in Shades of Red, Olive Green, Brown. 

Many paisley prints maintain a classic look with rich tones and textures.

Or you can incorporate paisley it in a less traditional way with large, blown-up versions. 

Paisley with neutrals....lovely.

via pinterest

Locate a paisley print you love and decorate around it. Take a swatch of the fabric with you wherever you shop and match accessories to the colors in your print. It's best to choose two or three colors and stick to those.

SallyWheat Interiors - Cole and Sons Paisley Wallpaper 

 Paisley can quickly overwhelm a room containing too many decorative items. Make sure you have enough "negative space" This room works because of the solid rug, curtains and seating.

Over sized paisley wallpaper pattern with soft colors or tone-on-tone patterns keep the space clean and distinctive.

Pierette - hand printed wallpaper - blue paisley on white - from the Les Indiennes Collection by IVM Prints

Make paisley your key theme and design the rest of your room in muted stripes or play with textures.

via pinterest

Paisley bedding is a stunning statement on any bed. Picture a thick, luscious paisley comforter with different, yet coordinating colors for a bed skirt, sheets and pillow cases. It's a guaranteed feast for your eyes.

Le Cuona's "Antique Paisley"

This is more the paisley style I prefer because I think the ethnic look is so beautiful.

via pinterest

Subtle use of paisley on the upholstery and window treatment. Very chic.

A stenciled background sets the stage for the energy and beauty that arises when you decorate to create contrasts in pattern, scale, color and texture.

Connect paisley and floral patterns within a room by selecting similar colors or pattern sizes.

A paisley sofa or chair can be the inspiration point for the rest of the room.

If you don't use a paisley fabric for your color palette inspiration, then a paisley area rug is the next best thing. Fall in love with a paisley rug; then proudly display it as the centerpiece of the room. Pick off the colors in the area rug and match your furnishings to the colors for a perfect design blend.

The beauty of decorating with a paisley fabric is that the pattern can contain so many different colors. This makes it easy when coordinating accessories. 

Suzanne Rheinstein

There are many paisley styles to choose from. Here the designer has chosen a whimsical floral paisley print

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