Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Decorating With Bird Cages, and Other Bird Inspired Accessories.

For several years now birdcages have been used as accessories for interiors. It's really nothing new. History shows that birds were first caged for their beauty more than 4,000 years ago. Egyptian hieroglyphics depict what appear to be the first pet birds, including doves and parrots. When Western traders brought back spices and textiles from the Far East, they also brought the exotic birds as pets which were much beloved in the American Colonies. Bamboo and wooden cages were seen hung near open windows in many kitchens in the New World. They were particularly popular as household decor during the 18th and 19th centuries in France and England. The late Victorian era homes would not have been considered in vogue if they did not contain at least one gilded birdcage.

Now with the returned popularity of bird inspired accessories, it is easy to find many different varieties at home decor stores everywhere. Or you can collect the gorgeous antique ones. Just be aware...they can be expensive, with prices running from $200 to $2,000 depending more on decorative appeal than age or rarity.

This antique bird door knocker is a lovely welcoming addition to your home's entrance. One of the most stunning cages I have seen.

There is a wide variety of avian art to choose from.

The wallpaper behind this pretty antique cage is also bird inspired with swans and peacocks. 

These mirrors would definitely make a statement in your home.

This is a beautiful room and the cages give it a fun atmosphere.

Birdcages housing candles...very pretty.

Since wallpaper is making a comeback, why not use a colorful bird print to brighten up an area in your home

Artist Lori McNee's fabulous artwork.

Whimsical light fixtures!

Blaise Bontems was a noted Parisian specialist in the manufacture of automaton singing birds. His birds were considered the finest around and were famous for the realism of their songs. 

More Bontems birds. He was known for these beautiful wind up birds as well as caged birds.

This lamp is a really cute accessory.

Beautiful  as chandeliers!!

There is something here for bird lovers from the adorable little earrings to the antique automated caged bird which is more than likely a Bontems.

This mechanical bird might well have been a child's toy.

A nice little avian vignette. Bird's nests are also popular in decor today. Please just make sure  it has been abandoned!!!

What a treat it would be to own this extraordinarily
 beautiful antique birdcage. Probably French, it stands on legs and is entwined with porcelain flowers.

I love this as storage for the stemware. It would be cute to use in a kitchen or for storage of soaps and hand towels in a bathroom.

This is a lovely vintage piece encrusted with porcelain flowers.

These are reproduction cages but are lovely and can be displayed in a number of ways.

A birdcage turned upside down and used as a light fixture....clever!

Painted cages are especially beautiful when used in country or vintage interiors.

Birdcages make wonderful additions to you outdoor entertaining area.....and don't forget centerpieces and weddings.

What a great way to make an outside wall entertaining. 

Hope you had as much fun as our bird friend here!!!

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