Saturday, August 18, 2012

Decorating Your Beach Home

Woe is me! We didn't get to the beach this year and I am about to GO COASTAL!! I thought about throwing a pity party but decided to use my time more creatively and at least blog about how the rest of you can enjoy decorating YOUR seaside homes. I have a friend here in landlocked Kentucky that dreams about living by the sea. I hope she gets her wish someday.....but for now, this one is for you Toni!!! 

La Mer ( the sea) by Mireille Mathieu

The white painted furniture brings such a freshness to this dining area. Notice the mismatched chairs. Don't feel like everything has to match. Those days are far behind us....especially in a casual setting like you would find in a beach cottage where fun is the name of the game.

I love how you immediately get an unhindered view of the ocean upon opening these lovely aqua doors.

Aqua, blue, and green are great colors for beach home accessories especially when placed against weathered wood.

Like I said, I need to get to the beach!!!

This is perfection isn't it?  I like the touch of yellow and pale coral that have been added to the aqua mix. This is a more pastel pallet but the same colors could be used in more vibrant shades for an equally fabulous look. Whether your outdoor area is elegant or casual, try this color works!

So many cute accents you can create yourself for your coastal home

This room says beach from the sisal carpet to the shell encrusted mirror. You don't have to go with all tile floors if you live near the shore.....sisal is a great floor covering. Find an old mirror at a yard sale or thrift shop, collect or buy your shells, and make this a do it yourself project

Oh yeah!!!

Beach homes are the perfect places to experiment with painted furniture. So many theme possibilities await! I love this chest with the painted ocean floor and fish. It is casual yet the style of the chest makes it quite elegant! You have got to love the floor too!

This homeowner has made a very inexpensive yet effective focal point of art. You can find a wealth of beach inspired accessories at home decor stores. However, this would be another great DIY project. Try you hand at painting, or just cover canvas with cloth, wallpaper creative.

Mosaics are fun and always nice for a beach home. Try your hand at creating something!

This is a fantastic idea for a headboard!!!

These can easily be found at home decor stores and can be use in MANY different ways. I would love to use them on a canopy bed. Can you imagine sleeping under a canopy of shells.

Entertaining is especially fun at the shore. So many fun ideas!!

I had to throw this in for fun. We all need one!!!

Blue is another wonderful color for a coastal home!

And remember the beach is a great place to be colorful with your interiors and exteriors!!

How nice to be on BEACH TIME!!!

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