Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Horse Is King In My Old Kentucky Home

 As you know this is a blog about interior design. But today I am departing from decorating advice to share with you about my home. One of the fun things about social networking is making new friends and learning about where they are from. I have learned alot about cities and states I have never visited. I have also enjoyed seeing pictures and learning about the countries and hometowns of my international friends. Many of you have asked about where I live, so I thought a post about central Kentucky might be in order. 

I live in Richmond, population 37,364 and home to Eastern Kentucky University. I spend a great deal of my time in Lexington, which is 20 minutes to the North and is  the heart of what is referred to as the Bluegrass Region. No, our grass is not actually blue. It does however have a distinct  cast when it is has not been cut and goes to seed. You can see fields of it and they do tend to look slightly bluish.  Lexington is called the Horse Capital of the World and Thoroughbred breeding and racing is a major industry here. Central Kentucky is very steeped in tradition and proud of it's prominent position in the equestrian world.

We are also known for bourbon production and basketball. The University of Kentucky is in Lexington and  the Wildcats are the current national champions. But it is the horse industry that I want to feature in this post because it is the part of being from Kentucky I enjoy most. I love all sports involving horses and especially polo and racing (no bidding, just love to watch them run)!! 

I hope you enjoy this post and decide to come visit Kentucky.....during racing season of course!!

The Thoroughbred farms in central Kentucky are breathtaking. Beautifully decorated mansions and fencing as far as you can see dot the landscape in this area. Even barns and offices like this one are beautifully appointed. 

Horses are treated like kings on these farms with the finest living conditions one can imagine.

We are definitely surrounded by beauty in horse country!

Perhaps a future Derby winner!

The Keeneland Thoroughbred Sales Pavilion, where some of the finest horses in the world are sold. Check out the bidding...and it's not over yet!!

Keeneland historic racetrack in Lexington. I don't go as much as I used to but still love attending the spring and fall meets at Keeneland whenever possible.

The stars of the show!

We love to watch them run!!!

Churchill Downs in Louisville and the running of the Kentucky Derby. Louisville is 75 minutes to the north and home to the Derby.

We have our share of celebrities for the Derby

Our most royal visitor who obviously is having a good time.

The Kentucky Horse Park  in Lexington where many events are held such as......

Sunday Polo matches.......

The Rolex Three Day Event.......and last but not least the World Equestrian Games

Like I said, we LOVE horses in Kentucky. You will too if you come for a visit!!!
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