Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm Feeling Exposed! Decorating With Exposed Natural Elements.

From rustic to elegant, exposed ceiling beams and stone can add warmth and charm to a room. Whether you keep existing structural pieces or add more decorative elements, you can use exposed natural elements in a finished or unfinished state to adorn your spaces.

If you are looking for a beautiful ceiling or wall treatment for you new or historic home, maybe these images will inspire you to consider exposed beams and stone.

I love the look of old timber beams whether they are in the ceiling or ......

the walls. Either way they are perfection!

This lovely kitchen has boards instead of drywall in between the beams. It is a different but nonetheless very effective look.

Here is another way of exposing your ceiling. It is called lath and plaster.

Natural elements are exposed from the top to bottom of this living room.

Box beams are a practical way to add exposed beams to your home. Painting them white like these is another alternative for you to consider.

One of the prettiest looks is all over exposure. where the beams are exposed from top-to-bottom and side-to-side. Whether totally rustic, carved or elegantly shaped, totally exposed ceiling beams are a stunning addition to any room.

More fabulous stone walls.

Cathedral style beams that curve or angle upward to form a peak in the center of the room are stunning.The space in between the beams is filled with drywall or plastered surfaces.

This is actor Gerard Butlers New York apartment. The exposed ceiling beams AND pipes are charming.

Cathedral ceilings are fabulous with exposed beams.

You can paint them for another wonderful alternative. White is a perennial favorite.

This is a stunning room with it's stone walls and floors.

Two kinds of exposure...the beams and the stone wall  equal country charm!

The hewn timber beams create the perfect background for this elegant vignette.

This is one of my favorite rooms. The beamed ceiling tops off these beautiful painted walls to perfection.

Don't forget if authenticity is not an important construction factor, faux beams are a good alternative to wood . Widely available at home improvement centers, these beams are made from urethane or plastic and closely resemble authentic wood, especially when viewed from the floor to the ceiling.

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  1. Oh my much gorgeous eye candy!
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice


    I am making my morning rounds before Wednesday comes and my cousin arrives from out of town. First of all, thank you for coming to visit and view my Etsy products.

    BEAMS...OK.....this is my love. We had a two-room addition put up last January and we are loving it. This summer,we attached a covered deck off the French doors, but this winter, we are having EXPOSED BEAMS put up on our cathedral ceiling in the great room. My walls are white with gray trim on the windows and doors, so at first I wanted gray beams. Then I wanted OAK, to give contrast. But now I want GRAY again! Oh, it is so hard to decide, and especially after seeing one of these lovely photos with the distressed white beams!

    Are you enjoying your summer? I AM! It has flown by so fast, but the beauty of it is that I do NOT have to return to a full-time teaching position, but rather, report when needed as a French speaking substitute teacher. There is always a need for that in my school district, but I want to focus on my art and writing.

    Have a lovely day my dear; your eye for design is IMPECCABLE! Anita

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Anita I really appreciate your visit, I know how busy you must be getting ready for your company.

      Yes, I think beams and stone are gorgeous when exposed....just wish I had some. I did in my old kitchen and enjoyed them very much. I would like to see what is in the ceilings of this old house but just don't have it in me right now to go through the mess. lol

      Your house sounds SO lovely and I know which ever beam you decide on will be the perfect's a win win situation because they are all so nice it's hard to go wrong. I am glad you will have time now to immerse yourself in all the things you enjoy including your home.

      Do enjoy your cousin's visit and have a VERY delightful week!!! Lisa

  3. The exposed ceiling beams is an exceedingly popular look here in Texas. I particularly like the kitchen that had the faux wood beams suspended from wall to wall, very cool. The faux beams and exposed rock is such a cool combo. I particularly like when old brick is exposed. More good ceiling pics here:


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