Monday, August 27, 2012

Decorating With Vintage Clocks

In the nick of time, a stitch in time, all in good time, the right time, just in time, time is of the essence. Time seems to be an of of great importance don't you think......especially since is is always running away from us. This post is dedicated to the beautiful instruments we use to measure this gift we have been given, and how they can be fabulously displayed in our interiors.......hopefully to remind us not to waste any of this valuable commodity.


Have a big TIME

"It's about TIME"!

The sands of TIME

TIME  worn

TIME is slipping away

The best of TIMES

Time on your hands!

Plenty of TIME

Never enough TIME

My, how TIME flies

Don't let TIME slip through your fingers.

No TIME like the present.

Turn back the hands of TIME

At least it's worth a try!!

TIME and TIME again

Once upon a TIME

Stood the test of TIME



Finding the TIME

TIME to stop and smell the roses

Pardon all the cliches...... obviously too much time to kill.

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Lisa Farmer


  1. Oh, Lisa, what a wonderful collection with variations on a theme! For me it is a toss-up between the wall shelves with assorted clocks and books and the fabulous old clock bones leaning up against the white wall. It looks as if it was stolen from Musée d'Orsay! Love it.


  2. are very witty indeed!!!!!

    I love each entry here Lisa, and you are just brimming with talent. I am glad to know that TIME is a unit of measurement that we humans need to keep us in check. But to ponder on what time IS or maybe ISN'T in the grander scheme of the universe and eternity is a wonderful mystery yet to discover.


  3. Merci beaucoup Lisa for coming to visit today! Oh, I am just hoping to have an even LARGER photo size and different fonts for my new look to the blog. I always have to make changes!!! Happy day, Anita

  4. I love the 'Once upon a time'! I'll go back to see that again! Enjoy your day!

  5. What a beautiful post. Diane from Lavender Dreamer sent me over, but guess what, we are neighbors. I live in Lexington :)

  6. Lisa my dear! Your style is so spot on with what I love....innovative thought and clever wording. And your home décor taste is of beautiful quality! I want to thank you for your kind comment today on my post. I see that from your comment you understood what I was trying to never knows if others will understand, but you certainly did. We are always trying to patch up a broken heart, but what about letting LOVE shine out of those crevices...what other choice do we have? It could certainly help to conquer the negative around us, that is for sure because LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

    Have a magnificent day my friend!! Anita

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