Saturday, September 29, 2012

Decorating With Animal Prints and Hides (Faux Of Course)

I think animal prints and hides are wonderful interior design elements. If you want to make a statement, try using any of the prints you see in this post. I love the way they not only bring color and exoticism to a room, they also bring texture which so often is lacking in interiors. I DO NOT advocate using real skins and hides. Animals look better in their skins than interiors do!!! Fortunately for us, there are some fabulous fakes to be had so be sure  to make yours FAUX!! One tip about using animal prints......make SURE they look authentic. Watch the design and color of the print, it is the difference in WOW or OUCH. Have fun!!!

When you see doors like these you KNOW there has to be something exciting on the other side. 

Leopard is FABULOUS when used on a stairway.

One large splash of leopard is better than alot of small accessories. 

This is definitely bold.

This room has one pop of leopard perfection.

Leopard is beautiful when used with neutrals. Find and old chair at a flea market or antique mall and upholster it with leopard. You will love it!!

Carpeting is another nice way to use leopard and is a means of introducing color and texture into your home.  Red is a good color to combine with leopard.

This is one of my own designs for a client bedroom.. The antique French chair covered in leopard adds to the classicism of this room.

Zebra prints really pack the wow factor. However, I think you have to be careful with using alot of accents in zebra. It is best used in one larger statement piece. My favorite way to use them is as rugs but love upholstery also. Here are some ways faux zebra really works.

Check out this and the following two pics for a way to use zebra with COLOR!!

Faux hides are hard to determine sometimes because good ones  look so lifelike. I THINK this is faux. Again I would NEVER suggest real animal hides. I like the way this one is draped over this ottoman and used as a table.

I love this tiger print used in a classically designed room by William Eubanks.

This room's mix of leopard and tiger prints really gives it an exotic feel.

And yes, bringing in a touch of giraffe is a nice way to freshen up your home.

This is more like it!!!  This is a print that definitely is best used in ONE statement. You don't want giraffe accents all over.

I know this is not an ANIMAL but had to add it because........well because I just like it!!!  Why NOT try crocodile wallpaper! It is a wonderful choice if you are looking for something exotic yet classical.

White faux hides can really bring a touch of glamour to a room.

Be creative. Make yourself a template of the rug you want to make, buy some of the great fabrics in stores today, cut out the pattern and "Voila"..... glamorous hide area rug and the admiration of all your guests!!

Even the right cow hides are lovely as area rugs and work well with classical interiors. This one looks so elegant!

If you want a very subtle touch of animal print in your decor there are some beautiful accessories available. Just remember to BE SELECTIVE!

Some images that I use for my blog posts are my own, but most come from Pinterest and other similar sources. If I have an image that belongs to you, I will be glad to remove it at your request.
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