Friday, September 7, 2012

Pink Interiors, Exteriors, And Other Beautiful Things

La Vie En Rose.....Life In Pink.  I have never met a woman who did not like pink. Some love to be drenched in it, while others like it in small doses. Nevertheless, is must be part of our DNA because it is one of our favorite colors. This post is dedicated to this remarkable phenomenon.....our love of pink. In fashion as well as interiors, I think pink is best done in accessories...... and whether hot or subtle, I like it to POP. Sometimes I will paint a whole room or dress all in pink, but it will be more of a soft blush pink. Regardless of the shade or hue, pink is perfectly at home in our interiors. Just remember ladies, if you are single, go over the top if you want. But for you married ladies, show some restraint and don't overload the male senses!! He gets to live there too you know! 

So put on your rose colored glasses and enjoy La Vie En Rose 

A lovely room with touches of pink! Soft and feminine but a man could be comfortable here too.

This room and  it's pastel colors paints a picture of femininity with pink being the star of the show. 

I love the shade of pink paint on these walls.  The weathered accents are perfection!

The black and cream harlequin floor is a wonderful accent for these blush pink walls. Remember that creamy white used for your trim, furniture, etc. is going to look much better than stark white which is much too strong and fights the subtle softness of this particular shade of pink.

A pretty mint green room with "pops" of pink.

Pink and silver/grey are fabulous colors to use together. I especially like them in a Hollywood Glam style interior.

Pink is as pretty outdoors and it is inside!!

I have plans for winter ....a chair like this.  A stunning DIY project.

The colors of this room along with the gauzy canopy treatment give it an ethereal ambiance

Consider this color combination!

Pink looks great in a Bohemian room too.

One beauty........

followed by another!

Don't forget that accessories make the room!!

The use of pastels make this room spectacular. I love the combination of lavender, rose, and subtle orange. It is worth a try!!!

Past life in pink!!! It's been a favorite for generations!!

Whether you have a large house......

or a small one, pink exteriors are beautiful when done right. It is all in the selection of the shade.

So the moral of this story is USE PINK whatever way you choose to bring out YOUR inner


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