Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Romance By Train. The Luxurious Interior Design Of The Orient Express

I thought it would be fun to take a journey to a far away destination and experience the interior decor of some of the most luxurious trains on the rails today, the Venice Simplon-Orient Express Line. I hope you will be amused by this bit of silliness as you enjoy looking at the romantic images associated with past and present train travel.    ALL ABOARD!!!


A trip on the Orient Express, the most luxurious trains in the world. What fun, what excitement, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ? You surely must be aware of what can happen on the ORIENT EXPRESS!  Our cast of characters is assembling in the train station, unaware of the possible danger awaiting them. If there IS trouble aboard this train, who could the possible victim be?

The wealthy oil tycoon whose wife just found out why she wasn't invited on the last "business" trip.

The two lovers who have managed to slip away from their spouses for a rendezvous aboard the Orient Express.

The beautiful blonde Hollywood starlet who is said to be secretly seeing a very prominent politician.

The Hungarian Princess whose country is hungry to get rid of her.

The newlyweds who make everyone sick with their public displays of affection.

Or will our victim be the husband of the rich, young American who has obviously made a deal with the Porter to "watch" over him. 

Well it won't be the silly reality star now will it?

Our destination.....Constantinople  

Off for an adventure on a beautiful train.

Our travelers are shown to their beautifully decorated compartments.

There is such an old world feel to the decor.

Small but luxurious

Love it!

You have to admit....this would be fun.

Back to the story.     Our possible victims could enjoy a drink at the bar.......or maybe not. Does he look like a crafty old gentleman to you? A little anxious with that cup of tea, don't you think?

Or they could dine in.  I don't know if I like that smirk on his face. Could he be up to no good? Notice the fingerprints.

Or after deciding on attire.....

one could eat in the dining cars.  You would probably be safe here with so many people around.

Now where does she think she is going?  Maybe someone should see what she is up to!

That ceiling is fabulous!

How much fun would this be? I don't know though, we really don't know much about that cook do we?

There are beautifully appointed dining areas on board these trains.

What a wonderful way to view the countryside.

Now those two look like they could be plotting something.  Hummmm  I'll bet those pearls aren't even real!

The service is top drawer!!  Just be careful!  There are those darn white gloves again.

As the sun goes down, our cast of characters become more anxious.  

It can be frightening in the fog....after all someone is telling all the guests about what can happen on the Orient Express. And what is that one light doing on? Who would be up at this hour?

As morning breaks everyone breathes a sigh of relief.  It was a long night......

Thanks to Poirot, the culprit was apprehended during the night and will be promptly dealt with.

We have arrived at our destination!

Everyone is safe and anxious to get on with their adventures. 

Our villain has been severely reprimanded and told to STAY OFF the train.

Next stop Paris!

Excitement builds as the train begins it's departure.

But will they be safe on the Orient Express?

Oh no..... at it again!


  1. LISA!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I am late here, and I don't know how I MISSED THIS TRAIN! This was a luxurious journey in style my dear! What a great idea. One can get lost in all the style and beauty here and forget that there is a KILLER on the loose! Fabulous way to get aboard the season of Halloween and blustery nights for storytelling!!! Anita

    1. Anita! You are SO SWEET to get in the spirit of all this foolishness. I love Agatha Christi's Peroit mysteries and think trains are so romantic in many ways. Always wanted to be involved in a mystery theater weekend aboard a train where you actually play out characters....what fun. Thanks for stopping by!!! Hugs, Lisa

  2. Oh great fun Lisa, I totally got caught up in the glamour and seduction of the Orient Express. The leggy blonde and the smirking waiter are up to no good for sure!

  3. It was an exciting adventure. What a cute face on the villain, how could one say NO to him? (or her?)

    I do hope you will join in some of the Halloween blog parties that are coming up.
    And I'll love to see what you do for the Practical Magic party in spring, where we are all enamored of the house.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind remarks!I am so glad you enjoyed the post and I thought the villian was cute too. I have never been to a blog party. I have no idea what to do but hey sound like fun. I need to look into it!!!

  4. What a wonderful post! You are quite the storyteller! Loved every last drop. <3

  5. I SEE YOUR REPLY! Wouldn't that be a fun activity to engage in one of those murder mysteries????? So educational, I think.

    My dear, thank you for coming to visit today! Yes, how often we ourselves, the culture, the media, whatever.....imposes the corsets of culture to tell us what the trends are, what we need to be like and so on. But sometimes our spirit of creativity and that which knows what is GOOD is stifled. Oh it is great to be ALIVE and yet the spirit IS confined, for just a blink of an eye in time.

    ENJOY YOUR EVENING! It is getting cool around here...time for some stew! Anita

  6. Fabulous post!! I love a wonderful train ride...the luxuriousness of these images make me want to go "all aboard" immediately!

  7. j'ai toujours rêver de prendre ce train!
    quel voyage merveilleux ce serait ...avec un petit clin d'oeil à Agatha bien sur !
    belle nuit
    fais de beaux rêves

  8. Oh Lisa....such a different and gorgeous post....this has got to be your BEST post....bravo....and wouldn't I just love to be on any one of those trains...small and luxurious would definitely do it for moi! Merci beaucoup Lisa.


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