Saturday, September 22, 2012

From The Barn To The Manor.....Decorating With Burlap

Burlap has been used in interior design for several years now and this trend shows no evidence of slacking off anytime soon. It can be "down home" or elegant depending on how it is used. Decorating with burlap fabric is limited only by your (or someone else’s) ideas. From slipcovers to wreaths, burlap is multi-functional. 

To easily incorporate the material into your interiors consider starting small with only a few accessories; for example throw pillows, a small ottoman, or even a table runner. Another small way is to revamp lamps with burlap shades. And if you find yourself admiring the look you can always go bigger, you can opt to reupholster a love seat or a few chairs in your dining space. Burlap can add a fresh twist to a classic chair.

Below you can see some wonderful ways burlap has been used in decorating, and entertaining. It can be fun to work with and can be incorporated into a variety of design styles. Whether you have been admiring this trend for a couple of years or have just been introduced to it, consider refreshing YOUR interior with burlap.

Use it plain or painted (my personal favorite).

It is wonderful when used as upholstery fabric, especially if you love French County.

Burlap is a wonder fabric for craft ideas. There are so many fun home accessories you can make. Just be creative.

It is also lovely as a wall covering and is perfect with nail head trim!

Burlap is also the perfect choice for a "down home" themed wedding.

Burlap can be found in a variety of colors and designs. I love this polka dot piece!  Runners are a great starting point to bring burlap into your decor.

Pillows are another way to accessorize if you only want a small amount of burlap in your decor.

Burlap is a good choice of fabric for the kitchen.

And don't forget how lovely it can be in your Christmas decorations!!!

I love this burlap canopy!

Bling is fabulous with burlap. The contrast is so fun and interesting.

Use burlap to create elegantly shabby table settings.

I adore antique French furniture upholstered in burlap, but if your style is vintage, transitional, or modern, a touch of burlap is a fun alternative.


  1. I love all of these images -its an amazingly versatile fabric to work with.
    Melissah from Country Style Chic

  2. Wow, just being introduced to decorating with burlap. What a lovely idea. Thank you for your visit. Look forward to more of your posts!

  3. That hot air balloon sure catches my eye! And I can imagine wrapping it around the pillar candles...what a nice light it would give. These are all great ideas. I haven't used any in my decorating...yet! Hugs!

  4. HOW ON EARTH DID I MISS THIS???? You are on my blog roll, but somehow, I did not see this! OH LISA, first of all dearest, thank you for coming to visit! Yes, friends are jewels that are rare, indeed. AND BURLAP....well, it is the accessible velvet, isn't it?

    WONDERFUL IMAGES and now I am getting ideas for fall with burlap!

    I hope you are enjoying the fall...oh dear, I best make sure your blog did not drop out of my list; that has happened before! I will go check...Anita

  5. YES, you are already on my blog roll...I thought so, BUT your older post about the ORIENT EXPRESS still shows up on my list and this new one never came up..I better redo putting you back in my log....Anita

  6. Oh how I love burlap and these examples are gorgeous. We are going to use burlap for our beach house draperies - adore the warmth and texture it adds to any space. The canopy is fabulous!!

  7. lisa, loved this post. antique dealers who are friends of mine, hung a vertical length of burlap in their booth and hung art over it - it was stunning - and I have always wanted to do that! donna


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