Monday, September 3, 2012

Simple Luxuries.....Decorating With Swings

I believe there is a place occupied by a swing in all our memories. It may be grandma's porch swing, a tire swing lovingly strung over a tree branch by our dad or a board swing tied to the tree that also hosts our tree house. Every yard or porch needs a swing. They are so relaxing and today, with more emphasis on visual appeal that in days gone by, they can be beautifully decorated  additions to our porches and gardens. I hope this post brings back old memories as well as offers new inspiration on how to use swings in your exterior design.

Enjoy SWING LITTLE GIRL by Charlie Chaplin

Here is the traditional white slat back swing with a comfortable seat. This style brings back memories for many of us.

Remember you can paint them any color. Even thought I love using pillows, I think this is too many. Alot of pillows send the wrong message about a swing. You want people to sit down and enjoy the experience of swinging not just looking at it from a decorative perspective.

These are beautiful backyard swinging areas.

Trays, flowerpots, and dishes all add to the dynamic element of the porch swing design.

It would be a crime not to have a swing here!!

Wonderful advice!

A strategically placed swing is a great place to contemplate life's mysteries.

A tray bearing refreshments add an elegant touch to any porch swing design. A framed etched glass window or an architectural element wall hanging are perfect additions to a porch area. Very pretty but once again...too many pillows for a swing.

Decorate your tree swing with ribbons.

Accent pillows and a throw blanket during cooler weather make this a serene and inviting place to relax. I think flatter pillows are the best choice for a swing. This is perfection!

A beautiful distressed swing, blanket and flowers. Who could ask for more. Maybe some cider!!

I love this swing made from old doors....beautiful!

So clever for a kid's swing

Looks like Heaven to me.


The chandelier is a fun idea for night time swinging

Wicker swings have ALWAYS been popular. This pergola is perfect to put a swing under.

Swings have been a favorite of every generation.

The bright colors are so pretty in this shaded area.

For a cottage style appeal, you can paint the swing with a white or off-white distressed antique finish.

In addition to your porch swing, you can add some supplemental chairs and accent tables. These can also be painted or distressed to match the swing or you can paint them a solid color for some contrast.

A soft cover is pretty as well as helpful against splinters.

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