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Decorating Gypsy Chic Style

Gypsy Chic decorating is not just about decor. It's definitely a way of thinking and living. Gypsy generally is a combination of bohemian, Moroccan, Indian, hippie, vintage or beatnik influence. It infuses these elements to create a bold and colorful, free-spirited look. One of the greatest things about this overall theme is that it’s easy, fun and funky and it means things don’t have to match.This style of decorating is all about living simply and expressing one's creativity It is timeless simply because it is so diverse, and is unique to each person who defines their style as Gypsy. I usually add more "how to get the look" captions but with Gypsy being so geared toward the individual, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Enjoy the music of violinist David Garrett, it will stir your gypsy soul!

Romantic Gypsy caravans at night.

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In a Gypsy style home you need pattern on the wall. There are great wallpapers out here to choose from.


Gypsy style decorating allows you the chance to be artistic and unconventional. The beauty is that it is not a "decorated" look.


Handpainted furniture is right at home in the Gypsy interior. Start out with a small table and be creative. There are many online tutorials to help you get started.

If you don't want to go full blown Gypsy, a funky lamp is always a good choice. Add in some other eclectic and artsy treasures as well.

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Gypsy decor has all the eclectic elements designers have fun making an impact with. 

Gypsy interiors are part vintage, part art and whimsy, and all about color!

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Gypsy decor with great bohemian vibe.

A vardo is a traditional horse-drawn Gypsy wagon .The design of the vardo included large wheels running outside the body of the van, which slopes outwards considerably towards the eaves.  Originally Gypsys would travel on foot, or with light, horse-drawn carts, typical of other Romani groups or would build "bender" tents - so called because they were made from supple branches which they bent inwards to support a waterproof covering. The Gypsy tradition of the vardo is seen as a high cultural point of both artistic design and a masterpiece of woodcrafters art.

Cornelis de Mair

Gypsy style incorporates fringing, lace, layering, decoration, multiple colors and patterns.

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Colorful, pierced star lanterns are perfect for a Gypsy interior.

Great idea for a Gypsy style dining room. Tent the ceiling with patchwork and bring on the sparkle.

With Gypsy decor it is important to have a well traveled look because these nomadic people move around much of the time.


Gypsy wagons give the feel of nomadic escapism associated with Gypsy life.


Accessories are the ticket to adding this style to your home if you desire it in small doses. Remember to keep color and  interesting pattern when making your choices.

Gypsy curtains are a must for the bedroom. Make them soft and romantic........

Or bold and exciting. Either way remember to throw in some different patterns at the head and ceiling of your bed.

My favorite Gypsy style interiors are the ones with a definite old world flair.

Trademark dark backgrounds, energetic colors, and layering of pattern associated with Gypsy decor.


 Remember that Gypsies are part of French history so it is natural that you might see a bit of French flavor in the look.


Gypsy style is fun to recreate in your outdoor entertainment areas.

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